Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: koti

  koṭi—ten million    SB 3.11.40, Adi 1.37, Adi 1.39, Adi 3.79, Adi 4.151, Adi 5.97, Adi 5.119, Adi 17.96, Madhya 21.20, Madhya 21.67 (and more...)
  koṭi—millions    Adi 7.60, Adi 8.40, Adi 12.76, Madhya 3.146, Madhya 15.172
  koṭī—ten million    Madhya 8.311, Madhya 21.4, Antya 3.27
  koṭi—of millions    SB 5.17.4, SB 6.2.7, Madhya 15.179
  koṭī—tens of millions    Adi 2.15
  koṭi—ten million times    Madhya 8.208, Madhya 8.210
  koṭī—millions    Adi 1.85-86
  koṭi—countless    Adi 7.170
  koṭi—unlimited    Madhya 1.26
  koṭi—millions of times    Madhya 10.140
  koṭi—millions upon millions    Antya 16.93
  koṭi koṭi—innumerable    Adi 7.16, Adi 7.16, Madhya 1.167, Madhya 1.167
  koṭi koṭi—hundreds and thousands    Adi 10.160, Adi 10.160, Adi 15.21, Adi 15.21
  koṭī koṭī—millions and millions    Madhya 1.196, Madhya 1.196
  koṭī koṭī—many thousands of men    Madhya 1.272, Madhya 1.272
  koṭi koṭi—hundreds of thousands    Madhya 1.152, Madhya 1.152
  koṭi-candra—millions upon millions of moons    Adi 5.188, Antya 15.76
  koṭi-granthe—in millions of books    Madhya 17.231, Madhya 25.263
  koṭi-guṇa—ten million times more    Adi 4.133, Adi 4.187
  koṭi-koṭi—one hundred trillion.    Madhya 21.85, Madhya 21.85
  abda-koṭi—millions of years    SB 1.11.9
  aṇḍa-koṭi-koṭibhiḥ—millions of such universes    SB 6.16.37
  ananta-koṭi brahmāṇḍa—millions and trillions of brahmāṇḍas, or universes    Madhya 20.284
  śata-koṭi—hundreds of thousands    Madhya 8.109
  śata-koṭi—hundreds and thousands    Madhya 8.116
  śata-koṭi—one billion yojanas    Madhya 21.85
  catuḥ-mukuṭa-koṭi-bhiḥ—with the tips of his four crowns    SB 10.13.62
  janma-koṭi—of millions of births    Madhya 8.70
  kirīṭa-koṭi—millions of helmets    SB 3.2.21
  kirīṭa-koṭi—by millions of helmets    Madhya 21.33
  koṭī sūrya—hundreds of thousands of suns    Antya 6.44
  koṭī-brahma-sukha—ten million times the transcendental bliss of becoming one with the Absolute    Adi 6.44
  koṭī-samudra-gambhīra—as deep as millions of oceans    Antya 20.66
  koṭi aṁśa—millions of parts and parcels    Adi 6.13
  koṭi aparādha—ten million offenses    Antya 10.96
  koṭi avatāra—millions upon millions of incarnations    Adi 6.13
  koṭi bhoga—millions of dishes    Madhya 13.196
  koṭi śakti—millions and millions of energies    Adi 6.13
  koṭi janma—for ten million births    Adi 17.52
  koṭi namaskāra—offering obeisances ten million times    Adi 6.116
  koṭi namaskāra—hundreds and thousands of obeisances    Antya 19.19
  koṭi āṅkhi—millions of eyes    Madhya 21.134
  koṭi-bhakta—of millions of devotees    Madhya 12.214
  koṭi-bhakta—millions of devotees    Antya 11.40
  koṭi-brahmāṇḍa—millions of universes    Adi 6.11
  koṭi-brahmāṇḍa—consisting of innumerable universes    Madhya 23.79-81
  koṭi-brahmāṇḍera kartā—the creator of millions and millions of universes    Adi 6.21
  koṭi-brāhmaṇa-bhojana—feeding ten million brāhmaṇas    Antya 3.222
  koṭi-candra—like the light of millions of moons    Madhya 2.34
  koṭi-cintāmaṇi-lābha—obtaining millions of cintāmaṇi stones    Antya 9.95
  koṭi-deha—millions of bodies    Antya 4.55
  koṭi-guṇa—ten million times greater    Adi 4.126
  koṭi-guṇa—ten million times.    Adi 4.186
  koṭi-guṇa—millions of times more.    Madhya 14.179
  koṭi-guṇitam—millions upon millions times more    Madhya 14.181
  koṭi-indu—like millions upon millions of moons    Adi 4.247
  koṭi-indu—than ten million moons    Antya 15.14
  koṭi-indu—millions upon millions of moons    Antya 15.21
  koṭi-janma—for ten million births    Adi 17.51
  koṭi-janme—after millions upon millions of births    Antya 3.194
  koṭi-janmera—of many millions of births    Madhya 18.205
  koṭi-jñāni-madhye—out of many millions of such wise men    Madhya 19.148
  koṭi-kalpe—in millions of kalpas    Antya 3.255
  koṭi-karma-niṣṭha-madhye—among millions of such performers of fruitive activities according to Vedic principles    Madhya 19.147
  koṭi-koṭīṣu—in millions and millions    Adi 2.14
  koṭi-koṭiṣu—in millions and millions    Madhya 20.160
  koṭi-kāma—ten million Cupids    Adi 4.242-243
  koṭi-mukta-madhye—out of many millions of such liberated persons    Madhya 19.148
  koṭi-nāma-grahaṇa—chanting ten million names    Antya 3.124
  koṭi-phale—millions of fruits    Madhya 15.172
  koṭi-saṅkhya loka—an unlimited number of people    Madhya 1.164
  koṭi-samudra—as millions of oceans    Madhya 9.125
  koṭi-samudra agādha—as unfathomable as the millions of seas and oceans    Adi 6.117
  koṭi-samudra haite—more than millions of seas    Antya 3.47
  koṭi-sevā—millions of times the service    Madhya 16.132
  koṭi-sukha—ten million times more happiness    Madhya 8.213
  koṭi-sukha-poṣa—millions of times more happiness.    Antya 10.8
  koṭi-sūrya-sama—equal to the shining of millions of suns    Madhya 11.95
  koṭi-yuga—millions of millenniums    Antya 18.14
  lakṣa koṭi—hundreds of thousands    Madhya 16.265-266
  lakṣa koṭi—hundreds and thousands    Madhya 25.174
  lakṣa koṭi-vadana—possessing a hundred thousand and ten million faces    Madhya 21.68
  lakṣa-koṭi—hundreds and thousands    Madhya 1.224
  lakṣa-koṭi—many thousands and millions    Madhya 17.73
  lakṣa-koṭi—one trillion yojanas    Madhya 21.85
  lakṣa-koṭi—thousands and millions    Madhya 21.133
  lakṣa-koṭi loka—many hundreds and thousands of people    Madhya 16.208
  nava-koṭi-yojana—of 90,000,000 yojanas    SB 5.21.19
  niyuta-koṭi—ten trillion    Madhya 21.85
  pañcāśat koṭi yojana—four billion miles    Madhya 21.84
  pañcāśat-koṭi—500,000,000 yojanas    SB 5.20.38
  rājanya-saṁjña-asura-koṭi-yūtha-paiḥ—with millions of demons and their followers in the roles of politicians and kings    SB 10.3.21
  sapāda-koṭi-dvayam—two and a quarter crores (22,500,000)    SB 5.21.10

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