Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kisora

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kisora

  kiçora vayasa—the age just before youth    Madhya 12.58
  kiçora vayase—just before the beginning of His youthful life    Adi 13.31
  kiçora-çekhara—the supreme youth    Madhya 20.153
  kiçora-çekhara—topmost of youth    Madhya 20.378
  kiçora-gopäla—of Kåñëa as a young boy    Antya 7.149
  kiçora-svarüpa—whose real nature is that of an adolescent    Adi 2.99
  kiçora-vayasaù—in the prime of youth    SB 3.23.26
  nava-kiçora—newly youthful    Madhya 21.101