Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: khe

  khe—in the sky    SB 4.1.56, SB 4.4.28, SB 4.10.25, SB 4.22.48, SB 6.8.13, SB 6.12.3, SB 7.12.25, SB 8.3.32, SB 8.19.4, SB 9.7.25-26 (and more...)
  khe—in the ether    Bg 7.8
  khe—form of space (virat-rupa)    SB 3.5.6
  khe—in the air    SB 3.21.11
  khe—in the higher planetary systems in the sky    SB 6.12.34

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: khe

  antah-khe—in the middle of the sky    SB 3.19.14
  khe avasthitah yah—this person Brahma, who was situated in the higher planetary system in the sky    SB 10.13.15
  khe-caraih—by the demigods who fly in the sky    SB 3.24.8
  khe-cari—who traveled in outer space    SB 10.6.4
  khe-caranam—flying in the sky    SB 3.19.6
  khe-caranam—of those who were flying in the air (the Gandharvas)    SB 4.3.5-7
  khe-caran—human beings who travel in space.    SB 4.8.53
  khe-carah—demigods traveling in outer space    SB 4.15.19