Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: khande

  khaṇḍe—disappears    Madhya 4.96, Madhya 24.346, Madhya 24.351
  khaṇḍe—vanquishes    Adi 17.226
  khaṇḍe—removes    Madhya 1.164
  khaṇḍe—pass over    Madhya 3.12
  khaṇḍe—are destroyed    Antya 4.44
  abja-khaṇḍe—by the stems of lotus flowers    SB 1.11.2
  khaṇḍe duḥkha-śoka—are relieved from all unhappiness and distress.    Madhya 9.88
  nava-khaṇḍe—in different sections, nine in number    Madhya 20.218
  nava-khaṇḍe—in nine khaṇḍas    Antya 9.9
  ādi-khaṇḍe—in the original part    Adi 13.18

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