Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kesava

  kesava—O Krsna    Bg 2.54, Bg 10.14, Bg 13.1-2
  kesava—Kesava    Madhya 20.195, Madhya 20.198
  kesava—O killer of the demon Kesi (Krsna).    Bg 1.30
  kesava—O Krsna.    Bg 3.1
  kesava—Lord Krsna    Bg 18.76
  kesava—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 4.14.42
  kesava—of the name Kesava Chatri    Madhya 1.174
  kesava—killer of the Kesi demon.    Madhya 7.96
  kesava—O killer of Kesi    Madhya 9.13
  kesava—the Deity named Kesava    Madhya 17.156

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kesava

  kesava bharati—of the name Kesava Bharati    Adi 9.13-15, Adi 12.14, Adi 13.54-55, Adi 17.268
  sri-kesava—Lord Kesava    Madhya 20.227
  kesava dekhiya—after seeing the Deity of Lord Kesava    Madhya 9.235
  kesava-bhede—according to the different opinion about Lord Kesava    Madhya 20.238
  kesava-bharati—of the name Kesava Bharati    Madhya 6.71
  kesava-bharati-sisya—disciple of Kesava Bharati    Madhya 17.116
  kesava-bharatira sisya—You are a disciple of Kesava Bharati    Adi 7.66
  kesava-chatrire—from the person named Kesava Chatri    Madhya 1.171
  kesava-priyam—the beloved devotee of Kesava    SB 7.1.42
  kesava-puri—of the name Kesava Puri    Adi 9.13-15
  kesava-sevaka—the priest in the service of Lord Kesava    Madhya 17.160
  kesava-tosanam—by which Kesava, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is satisfied.    SB 8.16.24
  kesava-adi—beginning with Lord Kesava    Madhya 20.194
  adi-kesava-mandire—to the temple of Adi-kesava.    Madhya 9.234