Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kesa

  kesa—hair    SB 3.19.19, SB 5.26.22, SB 7.2.32, Madhya 3.141, Madhya 3.152
  kesa—hairs on the head    SB 2.6.5, SB 7.12.21
  kesa—of hair    SB 5.5.31
  kesa—from the hair    SB 8.15.18

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kesa

  kesa-agra—from the tip of a hair    Madhya 19.139, Madhya 19.140
  asnana-anacamana-asauca-kesa-ulluncana-adini—concocted religious principles such as no bathing, no washing of the mouth, being unclean and plucking out the hair    SB 5.6.10
  kesa-abhimarsam—insult by grabbing her hair    SB 3.1.7
  kesa-avatara—the incarnation of the hairs    Madhya 23.117-118
  kesa-bandha—the bunch of hair    Antya 19.96
  kesa-bandha-vyatisakta-mallikam—whose arrangement of hair was decorated with a garland of mallika flowers    SB 10.6.5-6
  kesa-bandhe—on the cluster of hair    SB 8.12.28
  kesa-prasadhana—brushing the hair    SB 7.12.8
  kesa-pasa—the bunches of hair    Antya 18.91
  kuncita-kesa—curling hair    SB 8.8.33
  mukta-kesa—loose hair    SB 9.8.5-6
  su-kesa-bharena—by the weight of beautiful hair    SB 8.8.41-46
  visramsita-kesa-bandhana—from her arrangement of hair, which had become loosened    SB 10.9.10