Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kavih

  kaviù—Kavi    SB 4.1.7, SB 5.1.26, SB 5.4.11-12
  kaviù—seeing his own interest.    SB 6.18.56
  kaviù—a learned person    Madhya 24.21
  kaviù—and a learned scholar.    SB 9.22.18-19
  kaviù—a son named Kavi    SB 9.21.19-20
  kaviù—learned    SB 9.4.12
  kaviù—another son, known as Kavi    SB 9.2.15
  kaviù—very learned    SB 7.13.19
  kaviù—a great poet or orator    SB 7.13.10
  kaviù—he who can understand the subtle cause of creation (Lord Brahmä)    SB 7.9.34
  kaviù—the supreme inspirer    SB 7.3.30
  kaviù—the thinker.    Bg 10.37
  kaviù—one who is advanced in knowledge.    SB 6.16.59
  kaviù—the great learned sage    SB 6.7.9
  kaviù—devotee.    SB 4.8.65
  kaviù—being purified in consciousness    SB 4.7.48
  kaviù—great scientist    SB 2.7.40
  kaviù—the enlightened person    SB 2.2.3
  kaviù—highly qualified    SB 1.4.21

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kavih

  kaviù ca—of the name Kavi    SB 4.1.45