Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kautuka

  kautuka—because of the festival    SB 1.11.13
  kautuka—these funny things    Antya 6.93
  kautuka—good fortune.    SB 1.17.26
  kautuka—out of curiosity    Madhya 16.258

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kautuka

  autthanika-kautuka-aplave—when Krsna was three or four months old and His body was developing, He attempted to turn around, and this pleasing occasion was observed with a festival and bathing ceremony    SB 10.7.4
  kautuka dekhite—seeing the fun    Antya 18.5
  kautuka dekhiya—seeing this fun    Madhya 17.43
  kautuka kari—making fun    Madhya 9.63
  krta-kautuka—made auspicious    SB 9.11.28
  se kautuka—that amusement    Madhya 13.179