Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kaustubha

  kaustubha—the Kaustubha jewel    SB 2.2.10, SB 3.8.30
  kaustubha—the Kaustubha gem    SB 3.21.11, SB 8.10.54
  kaustubha—Kaustubha gem    SB 3.28.14
  kaustubha—the Kaustubha gem used by the Lord    SB 5.7.7

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kaustubha

  kaustubha-maneh—of the Kaustubha gem    SB 3.28.26
  kaustubha-mani—the jewel known as Kaustubha-mani    Madhya 4.193
  kaustubha-abharana-grivam—His neck is decorated by the Kaustubha jewel    SB 4.8.48
  kaustubha-abharanam—whose chest was decorated with the Kaustubha gem    SB 8.6.3-7
  kaustubha-akhyam—known as Kaustubha    SB 8.8.6