Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: katarah

  katarah—being afraid of    SB 1.2.2
  katarah—distressed.    SB 1.15.3
  katarah—eager    SB 4.9.17
  katarah—who is troubled    SB 5.14.7
  katarah—being aggrieved    SB 1.13.6
  katarah—they were very much agitated.    SB 10.11.3

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: katarah

  ati-soka-katarah—being greatly aggrieved    SB 4.13.48
  bhuta-anugraha-katarah—very much anxious to bestow benedictions upon the fallen conditioned souls    SB 6.5.39
  pranaya-apaya-katarah—being afraid that their friendship with Her would be broken    SB 8.9.23
  viyoga-bhaya-katarah—being afraid of giving up the body again    SB 9.13.9