Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kartsnyena

  kārtsnyena—entirely    SB 5.7.2, SB 5.22.7
  kārtsnyena—by summarization    SB 2.2.34
  kārtsnyena—in sum total    SB 3.2.13
  kārtsnyena—entire    SB 3.14.21
  kārtsnyena—in detail    SB 4.6.1-2
  kārtsnyena—all in all    SB 4.7.8
  kārtsnyena—fully    SB 4.13.5
  kārtsnyena—in full    SB 4.22.43
  kārtsnyena—in total    SB 4.29.4
  kārtsnyena—altogether    SB 4.29.49
  kārtsnyena—totally    SB 5.8.29
  kārtsnyena—always    SB 5.9.19
  kārtsnyena—completely (with no possibility that sinful desires will revive)    SB 6.1.15

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