Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: karpura

  karpūra—camphor    Madhya 4.163, Madhya 4.182, Madhya 8.170, Madhya 14.178, Madhya 19.182, Madhya 23.49, Antya 6.58, Antya 10.29-30, Antya 15.23, Antya 15.76 (and more...)
  karpūra—the camphor    Madhya 8.305
  karpūra—a flower    Madhya 14.30
  karpūra—camphor.    Antya 1.180
  karpūra—with camphor    Antya 19.94
  karpūra-candana—camphor and sandalwood    Madhya 4.151, Madhya 4.175, Madhya 4.176
  amṛta-karpūra—a preparation made with milk and camphor    Antya 10.26
  karpūra-candana—the camphor and sandalwood    Madhya 4.158
  karpūra-keli—karpūrakeli    Antya 18.106
  karpūra-kūpī—a pot of camphor.    Antya 10.118
  karpūra-sahita—with the camphor    Madhya 4.159
  karpūra-ādi—camphor and other ingredients    Antya 10.32
  karpūra-ādi diyā—mixing with camphor and other ingredients.    Antya 10.28
  karpūra-ādi diyā—mixing with camphor.    Antya 10.31
  kṛṣṇa-līlā su-karpūra—the pastimes of Lord Kṛṣṇa are exactly like camphor    Madhya 25.277

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