Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: karmasu

  karmasu—in fruitive activities    Bg 6.4, SB 3.32.16, SB 4.25.3, SB 4.25.56, SB 4.29.47, SB 5.5.15, SB 6.2.46
  karmasu—in activities.    Bg 9.9, Madhya 24.160
  karmasu—in duties    SB 3.13.8, SB 7.5.54
  karmasu—in all activities    Bg 2.50
  karmasu—in discharging duties    Bg 6.17
  karmasu—in their actions    SB 3.20.11
  karmasu—duties.    SB 3.22.11
  karmasu—to material activities    SB 3.29.5
  karmasu—in material activities.    SB 6.6.16
  karmasu—in various activities    SB 6.16.24
  karmasu—in the fruitive activities    SB 8.23.14
  karmasu—in other household affairs.    SB 10.7.19
  karmasu—engaging them in executing Your mission    SB 10.10.38
  karmasu—in executing duties    Antya 8.67-68
  guṇa-karmasu—in material activities    Bg 3.29
  gṛha-karmasu—in household affairs    Madhya 1.211
  karmasu kriyamāṇeṣu—while the activities are being performed    SB 3.26.6
  sva-karmasu—if one is engaged in his own occupational duty    SB 10.6.3

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