Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: karmanah

  karmanah—working order    Bg 4.17
  karmanah—activities    Bg 18.7, SB 3.20.6
  karmanah—whose activities    SB 3.29.33, SB 4.12.52
  karmanah—than fruitive action    Bg 3.1
  karmanah—work done    Bg 3.9
  karmanah—of work    Bg 14.16
  karmanah—work    Bg 18.12
  karmanah—deeds    SB 1.1.16
  karmanah—material duties.    SB 1.13.56
  karmanah—one who acts    SB 2.4.8
  karmanah—of activities    SB 2.5.22
  karmanah—of the actor    SB 3.10.10
  karmanah—and activities    SB 5.14.46
  karmanah—or for acting    SB 9.24.57
  karmanah—activities    SB 3.25.22
  karmanah—fruitive activities    SB 3.32.5

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: karmanah

  adbhuta-karmanah—who acts wonderfully.    SB 1.18.1
  adbhuta-karmanah—whose acts are wonderful    SB 6.17.27
  adbhuta-karmanah—of He who acts very wonderfully    SB 8.12.31
  adbhuta-karmanah—whose activities are all wonderful    SB 8.23.30
  adbhuta-karmanah—whose activities are wonderful    SB 8.24.1
  apara-karmanah—of one who has unlimited activities    SB 3.13.45
  avyakta-karmanah—whose activities are unknown to everyone.    SB 8.7.35
  mogha-karmanah—baffled in fruitive activities    Bg 9.12
  udara-karmanah—who was so liberal    SB 4.23.22
  ugra-karmanah—in painful activities    Bg 16.9
  uru-karmanah—of Him who acts wonderfully    SB 1.18.10
  yoga-randhita-karmanah—persons whose reactions to fruitive activities have been burnt up by bhakti-yoga    SB 8.3.27