Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: karmana

  karmana—by activities    SB 4.20.18, SB 5.4.6, SB 5.19.19, SB 7.13.14
  karmana—activities    Bg 18.60, SB 3.6.25, SB 4.23.26
  karmana—by fruitive activities    SB 4.25.4, SB 6.1.11, SB 6.1.52
  karmana—by work    Bg 3.20, Adi 9.43
  karmana—by the acts of    SB 1.14.37
  karmana—by deeds    SB 1.17.5
  karmana—with your activities    SB 3.24.38
  karmana—by the result of work    SB 3.31.1
  karmana—by their activities    SB 3.32.12-15
  karmana—by the performance    SB 4.7.56
  karmana—whose activities    SB 4.25.29
  karmana—by such activities    SB 4.26.7
  karmana—by their activity    SB 5.14.2
  karmana—by their behavior    SB 5.14.3
  karmana—by performing ritualistic activities according to the Vedas    SB 5.20.32
  karmana—therefore by your fruitive reaction    SB 9.2.9
  karmana—by occupation    SB 9.2.23-24
  karmana—by destiny    SB 9.9.38
  karmana—by the touch of his hand    SB 9.22.14-15

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: karmana

  adbhuta-karmana—by one who performs all superhuman work    SB 1.8.46
  bhuri-karmana—who can do many wonderful things    SB 8.22.6-7
  garhya-karmana—by being engaged in abominable activities    SB 6.2.45
  gramya-karmana—by material activities for sense gratification    SB 5.14.31
  sva-karmana—by your own activities    SB 6.11.16
  sva-karmana—by his own sinful act.    SB 9.9.18
  sva-arabdha-karmana—by the bad results of his unseen fruitive actions    SB 5.8.26