Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: karmabhih

  karmabhih—by activities.    SB 1.16.9, SB 3.7.6, SB 3.31.13, SB 4.11.25, SB 4.31.10
  karmabhih—by fruitive activities    SB 2.2.23, SB 6.15.24
  karmabhih—from the bondage of the law of fruitive action.    Bg 3.31
  karmabhih—by the reaction of such work    Bg 4.14
  karmabhih—by occupational activities.    SB 1.2.10
  karmabhih—by execution of fruitive work    SB 1.8.35
  karmabhih—by dint of work    SB 1.8.51
  karmabhih—by the fruitive work    SB 2.1.18
  karmabhih—by one's occupational duty    SB 2.10.25
  karmabhih—in the cycle of fruitive activities.    SB 3.11.26
  karmabhih—with his exploits.    SB 3.20.46
  karmabhih—by ritualistic activities    SB 4.14.28
  karmabhih—by actions    SB 4.15.26
  karmabhih—and by activities    SB 4.20.5
  karmabhih—on account of past deeds    SB 4.21.51
  karmabhih—from the fruitive activities.    SB 4.25.5
  karmabhih—by the reaction of fruitive activities    SB 4.30.33
  karmabhih—and by fruitive activities    SB 5.14.5
  karmabhih—by his execution of ritualistic ceremonies    SB 5.15.9
  karmabhih—by ritualistic ceremonies    SB 5.21.18
  karmabhih—by their respective activities    SB 5.22.4
  karmabhih—by the results of fruitive action    SB 6.16.4
  karmabhih—by past activities    SB 7.2.41
  karmabhih—by his previous material activities.    SB 7.7.46
  karmabhih—by such material activities    SB 7.7.47
  karmabhih—by services    SB 7.8.52
  karmabhih—by the influence of different fruitive activities    SB 7.13.25
  karmabhih—according to oneís work.    SB 9.6.12
  karmabhih—activities or pastimes    SB 10.2.36
  karmabhih—by the activities    Adi 6.61

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: karmabhih

  asat-karmabhih—with temporary fruitive activities    SB 6.5.11, SB 6.5.12, SB 6.5.13
  kim asat-karmabhih bhavet—what can be the benefit of performing temporary fruitive activities.    SB 6.5.15, SB 6.5.17
  guna-karmabhih—by qualities and factual activities    SB 4.17.1
  janma-karmabhih—with His transcendental birth and activities    SB 6.4.33
  janma-karmabhih—by birth and activities.    SB 8.7.3
  kim asat-karmabhih bhavet—what is the use of performing temporary fruitive activities.    SB 6.5.14
  kim asat-karmabhih bhavet—what benefit can there be by performing temporary fruitive activities.    SB 6.5.16
  kim asat-karmabhih bhavet—what can be the use of temporary fruitive activities.    SB 6.5.18
  kim asat-karmabhih bhavet—what is the use of engaging in temporary fruitive activities.    SB 6.5.19
  kama-karmabhih—from fruitive activities.    SB 1.9.23
  mat-karmabhih—by working for Me    SB 5.5.10-13
  nija-karmabhih—by his own work.    SB 4.8.28
  nija-karmabhih—because of his own fruitive activities    SB 8.22.25
  sva-karmabhih—by occupational duties    SB-4.21.33
  sva-karmabhih—by their own ability.    SB 4.22.13
  sva-karmabhih—by the results of my own fruitive activities    SB 6.11.27
  sva-karmabhih—by their own reactions.    SB 7.2.21
  sva-karmabhih—the course by the reactions of my own activities    SB 7.9.16
  sva-karmabhih—by oneís occupational duties    SB 7.15.67
  vividha-karmabhih—by various fruitive activities    SB 3.9.13
  atma-karmabhih—by the results of oneís karma (fruitive activities)    SB 6.14.55