Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: karma

  karma—activities    Bg 2.49, Bg 4.24, Bg 4.33, Bg 18.2, Bg 18.5, SB 1.6.36, SB 1.7.12, SB 1.7.42, SB 1.19.13, SB 2.1.37 (and more...)
  karma—work    Bg 3.5, Bg 3.8, Bg 3.9, Bg 3.15, Bg 3.19, Bg 4.9, Bg 4.13, Bg 4.15, Bg 4.16, Bg 4.21 (and more...)
  karma—fruitive activities    Bg 7.29, Bg 8.1, Bg 8.3, SB 2.4.3-4, SB 3.5.31, SB 3.8.14, SB 3.29.10, SB 4.6.47, SB 4.11.22, SB 4.20.30 (and more...)
  karma—activity    SB 1.8.30, SB 1.17.19, SB 2.1.33, SB 2.7.29, SB 4.19.18, SB 4.19.31, SB 4.22.51, SB 4.29.6, SB 4.29.49, SB 4.29.61 (and more...)
  karma—action    Bg 4.16, Bg 9.28, SB 1.13.46, SB 1.14.43, SB 2.5.34, SB 2.10.12, SB 3.12.35, SB 4.5.25, SB 4.10.9, SB 4.11.8 (and more...)
  karma—duty    Bg 18.42, Bg 18.43, Bg 18.44, SB 2.9.23
  karma—act    SB 1.7.13-14, SB 1.19.1, SB 3.14.33, SB 9.6.28, SB 10.10.1
  karma—by fruitive activities    SB 3.31.31, SB 4.25.5, SB 4.29.1, SB 5.1.41, SB 7.2.47
  karma—fruitive work    SB 1.5.12, SB 1.6.28, SB 7.13.19, Adi 4.167-169
  karma—prescribed duties    Bg 3.14, Bg 3.24, SB 3.29.25
  karma—actions    Bg 5.11, SB 2.8.14, SB 3.31.31
  karma—of activities    SB 4.29.29, SB 4.29.54, SB 7.15.47
  karma—fruitive activity    SB 8.3.22-24, Adi 4.33, Adi 13.64
  karma—duties    Bg 3.8, Adi 14.25
  karma—fruitive action    Bg 4.18, SB 10.13.53
  karma—in activities    SB 1.4.25, SB 3.10.8
  karma—the activity    SB 4.29.59, SB 5.9.17
  karma—and activities    SB 7.10.43-44, SB 7.11.13
  karma—prescribed duty    Bg 4.15
  karma—according to work    Bg 15.2
  karma—acts    Bg 18.23
  karma—reactionary work    SB 1.2.15
  karma—one's prescribed activities    SB 1.5.32
  karma—uncommon deeds    SB 1.18.10
  karma—the interaction    SB 2.5.14
  karma—the fate of the living entity    SB 2.5.21
  karma—reaction of the past    SB 2.5.26-29
  karma—activity of life    SB 3.6.7
  karma—pastimes    SB 3.7.40
  karma—of the activities    SB 3.22.1
  karma—by actions    SB 3.26.37
  karma—by work    SB 3.32.38
  karma—the sacrifice    SB 4.7.16
  karma—to such activities    SB 4.7.34
  karma—story    SB 4.7.60
  karma—the objective    SB 4.12.10
  karma—fruitive desires    SB 4.13.8-9
  karma—another activity    SB 4.29.34
  karma—and work    SB 5.1.14
  karma—by predestined resultant actions    SB 5.11.11
  karma—the fruits of activities    SB 5.14.1
  karma—these activities    SB 5.18.5
  karma—activities (to support the Daityas).    SB 6.7.25
  karma—activities of service to You    SB 6.11.24
  karma—the accomplishment    SB 6.12.5
  karma—the fruits of action    SB 7.2.25-26
  karma—activities being dedicated to You    SB 7.9.50
  karma—transcendental activity    SB 8.4.1
  karma—whose transcendental activities    SB 8.4.13
  karma—pastimes, activities    SB 8.5.11-12
  karma—the act    SB 8.7.45
  karma—such service to the master    SB 8.11.17
  karma—karma    SB 8.14.8
  karma—by wonderful activities, pious activities    SB 8.22.26
  karma—by activities    SB 10.8.41
  karma—the activities    Adi 2.44
  karma—the business    Adi 4.8
  karma—activity.    Adi 5.29
  karma—and fruitive activities    Madhya 6.154
  karma—material activities    Madhya 19.168
  karma—activities    SB 3.6.4
  karma—fruitive activities    Madhya 22.103

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: karma

  karma-ksetram—the field of activities    SB 5.4.8, SB 5.14.4, SB 5.17.11
  karma-bandhah—bondage to fruitive activities    SB 3.27.19, SB 5.6.5
  karma-nistha—attracted to fruitive activities    Madhya 19.147, Madhya 24.214
  karma-yogah—work in devotion    Bg 5.2, Bg 5.2
  sarva-karma—all activities    Bg 12.11, Madhya 22.62
  avasita-karma-nirvana-avasarah—Maharaja Bharata who ascertained the moment of the end of his royal opulence    SB 5.7.8
  basta-karma—the business of the goat    SB 9.19.7
  bhagavat-karma-silah—being absorbed in activities to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 5.20.31
  bhartr-karma-nispattim—the accomplishment of their masterís work    SB 5.9.14
  bhima-karma—one who performs Herculean tasks    Bg 1.15
  bhala karma—good work    Madhya 12.117
  subha-karma—pious activities    Madhya 23.29
  daiva-karma-atma-rupinah—of the gigantic form of transcendental work, time and nature    SB 3.6.35
  dharma-karma—all prescribed duties    Madhya 16.148
  dharma-karma—all religious activities and regulative principles    Antya 3.184
  dravya-guna-karma-asaya—in a combination of material elements, material qualities, and the results of past activities and desires    SB 5.10.6
  ei karma—this work    Antya 7.150
  ei amara karma—I have been taught this business (half-killing animals)    Madhya 24.253
  guna-karma—works under material influence    Bg 3.28
  guna-karma—with quality and work    SB 5.1.15
  guna-karma-anu-rupani—according to His attributes and activities    SB 10.8.15
  guna-karma-anubaddham—bound by the modes of nature and the reactions of material activities    SB 5.11.8
  guna-karma-nibandhanah—captivation by the three modes of material nature    SB 7.7.27
  guna-karma-saksine—the witness of the actions and reactions of material nature.    SB 5.18.38
  guna-karma-yonau—unto the cause of the material modes and activities    SB 3.5.50
  janma-karma-phala-pradam—resulting in fruitive action, good birth, etc.    Bg 2.42-43
  jnana-karma—of speculation and fruitive activities    Madhya 6.284-285
  jata-karma—the festival for the birth of the child    SB 10.5.1-2
  jata-karma—the auspicious ceremony at the time of birth    Adi 13.108
  karma suddham—purification of work    SB 1.4.19
  karma haite—from fruitive activities    Madhya 9.263
  karma kare—do work    Madhya 12.118
  karma tyaji—giving up such fruitive activities    Madhya 24.214
  karma-adhikarah—in material affairs    SB 5.1.23
  karma-antara—in other household affairs    SB 10.9.1-2
  karma-anubaddhah—bound by the results of his past deeds    SB 5.5.9
  karma-anugah—following the reactions of his own fruitive activities    SB 10.1.39
  karma-anusthanena—the performance of activities    SB 5.14.30
  karma-anurodhena—with consideration of the activities performed    SB 6.1.43
  karma-arjitah ca—whatever he achieved by his pious activities    SB 8.22.22
  karma-arpana—offering the results of activities    Madhya 8.59
  karma-atisayam—excelling in fruitive activities    SB 4.19.2
  karma-bandha—the bondage of the reactions of fruitive activities    SB 5.9.3
  karma-bandhaih—by the bondage of fruitive activities    SB 9.11.23
  karma-bandham—bondage of reaction    Bg 2.39
  karma-bandhanaih—from all kinds of actions resulting from fruitive activities.    SB 4.24.78
  karma-bandhanam—the bondage of fruitive activity    SB 5.24.20
  karma-bandhanah—bondage by work    Bg 3.9
  karma-bandhah—the bondage of fruitive activities    SB 5.1.1
  karma-bandhat—from the bondage of fruitive activities.    SB 6.8.16
  karma-bandhat—from the bondage of material activities    SB 7.10.14
  karma-bijam—seed of worldly activities    SB 3.8.33
  karma-bijanam—of those whose seeds of fruitive activities    SB 5.6.1
  karma-saktih—the active senses    SB 7.9.40
  karma-chidram—the discrepancies in the fruitive activities    SB 8.23.14
  karma-codana—of the rules of fruitive activity    SB 5.14.18
  karma-srestham—very expert in fruitive activities    SB 4.1.38
  karma-suklaya—who purifies the fruitive activities of the living entities    SB 5.18.35
  karma-dosaih—by faulty actions    SB 3.27.3
  karma-isvarah—the master of all fruitive activities    SB 8.23.15
  karma-gatayah—in terms of the work performed    SB 2.8.13
  karma-gatayah—destinations resulting from activity    SB 5.26.2
  karma-gatim—the reactions of fruitive activities    SB 10.1.40
  karma-grastah—one who is under the laws of karma    SB 8.24.2-3
  karma-indriyaih—by the active sense organs    Bg 3.7
  karma-indriyani—the five working sense organs    Bg 3.6
  karma-jam—because of fruitive activities    Bg 2.51
  karma-jam—caused by activities    SB 6.2.36-37
  karma-jan—born of work    Bg 4.32
  karma-jah—generated by different work.    SB 3.7.31
  karma-kalapam—the prescribed occupational duties as a ksatriya king    SB 9.4.21
  karma-karih—maidservants    SB 3.23.27
  karma-kausalena—by expertise in ritualistic ceremonies    SB 5.20.16
  karma-krt—the actor.    SB 4.29.23-25
  karma-lingam—symptomized by fruitive activities    SB 9.8.24
  karma-mayam—obtainable by the Vedic ritualistic system    SB 5.20.33
  karma-mayam—producing hundreds and thousands of desires and acting accordingly    SB 7.9.21
  karma-mayyam—formed of fruitive activities    SB 4.2.24
  karma-mayan—resulting in a reaction (such as the killing of animals)    SB 7.15.9
  karma-mudhan—simply engaged in pious or impious activities    SB 5.5.15
  karma-nibandha—the obligation to suffer or undergo tribulations as a result of fruitive activities    SB 6.2.46
  karma-nibandhanah—the bondage of fruitive activities.    SB 8.23.10
  karma-ninda—condemnation of fruitive activities    Madhya 9.263
  karma-nistha—the fruitive workers    Adi 7.29-30
  karma-nisthah—attached to ritualistic ceremonies (according to oneís social status as a brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya or sudra)    SB 7.15.1
  karma-nirharam—cessation of the fruitive reactions of material activities    SB 6.2.12
  karma-nirharah—counteraction of fruitive activities    SB 6.1.11
  karma-nirmita—caused by their own past fruitive activities    SB 5.23.3
  karma-niyaman—the regulative principles of fruitive activities    SB 5.9.4
  karma-namnam—and of His names according to His activities and pastimes    SB 6.3.24
  karma-padavim—the path of fruitive activities    SB 3.31.16
  karma-parvanim—which ties the knots of fruitive activity    SB 5.17.24
  karma-parah—interested in working    SB 3.10.26
  karma-phala—in the result of the work    Bg 2.47
  karma-phala—results of activities    Bg 5.14
  karma-phala—to the fruit of the work    Bg 18.27
  karma-phala—the result of activities    SB 4.12.10
  karma-phala-tyagah—renunciation of the results of fruitive action    Bg 12.12
  karma-phala-asangam—attachment for fruitive results    Bg 4.20
  karma-phalam—the results of all activities    Bg 5.12
  karma-phalam—the result of work    Bg 6.1
  karma-phalam—the reaction of fruitive activities    SB 5.26.3
  karma-phale—in fruitive action    Bg 4.14
  karma-pasaih—from the bondage of fruitive activities    SB 7.10.46
  karma-pakam—the result of his impious activities    SB 5.26.22
  karma-sangena—association with fruitive activity    Bg 14.7
  karma-sangisu—in the association of fruitive activities    Bg 14.15
  karma-sanginam—attached to fruitive work    Bg 3.26
  karma-sandhanam—who strictly follow the fruitive ritualistic ceremonies according to Vedic injunctions    SB 6.5.42
  karma-sannyasat—in comparison to the renunciation of fruitive work    Bg 5.2
  karma-saksinah—witnesses for the sacrifice.    SB 4.13.28
  karma-sarathayah—whose chariot drivers are the results of their own past activities    SB 5.23.3
  karma-tantram—the law of action and reaction.    SB 3.1.44
  karma-tantram—fruitive activities    SB 4.2.22
  karma-tantrah—in the matter of fruitive activities    SB 3.8.12
  karma-tattva-jnah—expert in Vedic ritualistic ceremonies    SB 9.13.20-21
  karma-tyaga—renunciation of fruitive activities    Madhya 9.263
  karma-uttamam—the very expert service in military art    SB 8.10.43
  karma-vasam—subjugated by fruitive activities    SB 5.5.6
  karma-vaisamyam—discrepancy in discharging fruitive activities    SB 8.23.15
  karma-vallim—the creeper of fruitive activities    SB 5.14.41
  karma-vetanatah—in exchange for wages from working    SB 5.9.11
  karma-vicestitam—whose activities.    SB 3.29.36
  karma-visuddhi—of purification of fruitive activities    SB 5.22.3
  karma-visuddhya—by offering everything for the service of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and not desiring any results of his pious activities    SB 5.7.7
  karma-visuddhah—very pure in their activities    SB 5.4.13
  karma-vinirmitam—manufactured by fruitive activities    SB 4.27.29
  karma-vasana—by the desire for fruitive activities    SB 5.25.8
  karma-vasanam—the strong desire for fruitive activities.    SB 9.24.62
  karma-vasanah—desire for fruitive work.    SB 2.10.4
  karma-yoga-jnana—fruitive activities, mystic yoga and speculative knowledge.    Madhya 22.17
  karma-yogam—devotion    Bg 3.7
  karma-yogena—by the linking process of devotion    Bg 3.3
  karma-yogena—by activities without fruitive desire    Bg 13.25
  karma-asaya—resultant action and desire for material enjoyment    SB 10.8.37-39
  karma-asayam—the desire for fruitive activities    SB 5.5.14
  karma-asayan—demoniac desires to be happy by material activities    SB 5.18.8
  karma-arabdham—the resultant action now attained    SB 5.10.14
  karma-atmakam—absorbed in material activities    SB 5.5.5
  kaumara-jam karma—performed during their kaumara age (the age of five years)    SB 10.12.37
  koti-karma-nistha-madhye—among millions of such performers of fruitive activities according to Vedic principles    Madhya 19.147
  kuta-karma-ja—because of the illusory, magical activities    SB 8.10.55
  krsna-arcana-karma—the activities of worshiping Lord Krsna.    Madhya 20.336
  krtsna-karma-krt—although engaged in all activities.    Bg 4.18
  kala-karma—time and actions    SB 1.15.30
  kama-karma-indriya-asayah—being under the influence of lusty desires and fruitive activities    SB 9.8.26
  mat-karma—My work    Bg 12.10
  mat-karma-krt—engaged in doing My work    Bg 11.55
  mleccha-karma—the work of meat-eaters    Madhya 1.197
  nija-karma—Your activities    Madhya 9.126
  nija-karma-bandhanah—accepting different bodily forms as a result of his sinful activities    SB 8.24.47
  nindya-karma—forbidden actions    Madhya 8.37
  nindya-karma—reproachable activities    Antya 13.133
  nama-karma—of names and different activities    SB 6.3.13
  nana-karma—varieties of service    SB 3.9.34
  priya-karma—activities of the dearmost    SB 2.9.14
  rajah-tamah-sattva-vibhakta-karma-drk—a conditioned soul who sees only immediately beneficial fruitive activities and their results, which are divided into three groups by the modes of goodness, passion and ignorance    SB 5.13.1
  randhita-karma-kalmasah—those for whom all pollution of fruitive activities has been stopped    SB 8.21.2-3
  sa-karma—engaged in work    SB 2.10.36
  saba karma—all activities    Madhya 15.203
  sarva-karma—all other activities, material and spiritual    Madhya 22.60
  sei karma karaya—causes one to act in that way    Antya 6.199
  stuti-karma-pujah—worshiping Your Lordship by offering prayers and other devotional activities    SB 7.9.50
  suta-karma—action taken by his son    SB 3.1.7
  sva-karma—his prescribed duties    SB 3.29.32
  sva-karma—his own activities    SB 9.15.37
  sva-karma—of one's own fruitive activities    Madhya 15.170
  sva-karma karite—performing his duty in life    Madhya 22.26
  sva-karma-jan—produced from one's own work    SB 2.2.7
  sva-karma-krt—executing his own work    SB 7.11.32
  sva-karma-patitam—fallen because of the reactions of oneís own material activities    SB 7.9.41
  sva-karma-phala-bhuk—sure to accept the resultant action of his fruitive activities    Antya 2.163
  sva-karma-vasa-gam—under the influence of the results of fruitive activities    SB 9.19.3
  tat karma—that action (striking the head of Indraís elephant with the club in his left hand)    SB 6.11.10
  tat-karma—his activities    SB 6.11.13
  tat-tat-karma—various activities favorable for devotional service    NoI 3
  visva-karma—creative person    Antya 1.167
  virinca-stuta-karma-viryah—the Personality of Godhead, whose activities and prowess are always praised by Lord Brahma    SB 8.18.1
  vatulera karma—the acts of a madman.    Madhya 15.49
  yatha-karma—according to oneís past activities    SB 5.25.14
  yatha-karma-avadyam—according to how much they have violated the rules and regulations of conditional life    SB 5.26.6
  anusanga-karma—secondary work    Adi 4.14
  apanara karma-dosa—it is the result of My own fate    Antya 19.50
  atma-karma—destined engagement    SB 3.5.9