Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: karanam

  kāraṇam—the cause    Bg 6.3, SB 3.17.1, SB 3.26.8, SB 4.8.41, SB 6.17.39, SB 6.19.11, SB 8.15.27, SB 8.15.28, SB 10.2.39, SB 10.10.1 (and more...)
  kāraṇam—cause    Bg 13.22, SB 4.7.50, SB 4.23.35, Madhya 24.159
  kāraṇam—the cause.    SB 4.11.24, SB 6.7.33, SB 6.12.8, SB 7.1.21
  kāraṇam—cause.    SB 1.19.4, SB 8.16.19
  karaṇam—the senses    Bg 18.18
  kāraṇam—the supreme cause    SB 3.11.42
  kāraṇam—the origin of    SB 3.14.29
  kāraṇam—the kāraṇa manifestation    Adi 2.53
  kāraṇam—He is the original cause.    Madhya 8.137
  sarva-kāraṇa-kāraṇam—the cause of all causes.    Adi 2.107, Madhya 20.154, Madhya 21.35
  antaḥ-karaṇam—ego    SB 2.1.35
  karaṇam ca—and instruments    Bg 18.13-14
  mukti-kāraṇam—the cause of liberation    SB 8.8.21
  mṛgatva-kāraṇam—the cause of accepting the body of a deer    SB 5.8.28
  nāma-karaṇam—the name-giving ceremony    SB 10.8.11
  patana-kāraṇam—the cause of their falling (how could it have happened all of a sudden?).    SB 10.11.2
  phala-kāraṇam—the origin of the result    Antya 1.91
  saṅkarī-karaṇam—the act of shrinking away    Madhya 14.174
  tat-toṣa-kāraṇam—cause of satisfying the Lord.    Madhya 8.58
  visrambha-kāraṇam—cause of faith (in your words).    SB 7.6.29-30

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