Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kanja

  kañja—lotus    SB 2.2.8
  kañja—lotuslike    SB 4.21.15
  kañja—a lotus flower    Madhya 24.156
  kañja-garbha-aruṇa-īkṣaṇām—with pinkish eyes like the womb of a lotus flower    SB 8.6.3-7
  kañja-mālām—garland of lotus flowers    SB 8.8.24
  kañja-nābhaḥ—the Personality of Godhead Nārāyaṇa    SB 3.9.44
  kañja-palāśa—like the petals of the lotus    SB 4.25.26
  kañja-palāśa-akṣi—having eyes like the petals of a lotus    SB 8.9.3
  kara-kañja-sampuṭe—being caught by the grip of the lotus hand    SB 1.11.2
  nava-kañja-locanaḥ—and whose eyes are just like the petals of a newly blossomed lotus    SB 8.10.54

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