Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kane

  kane—in the ear.    Madhya 17.95, Madhya 20.18, Madhya 21.141, Antya 15.20
  kane—on the ear    Madhya 8.179
  kane—the ear    Antya 17.41
  kane—ears    Antya 17.42
  kane—within the ear    Antya 18.75
  kane—in ears.    Antya 18.88

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kane

  prabhura kane—in the ear of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 14.69, Antya 18.74
  sruti-kane—particle of sound    Antya 17.41
  eka kane—by one particle    Madhya 21.139
  kane mudra—a kind of earring    Madhya 12.20
  kane pari,—putting on the ear    Antya 14.44
  kane suni—I have heard.    Madhya 9.188
  nahi pade kane—he does not hear    Antya 13.133
  se-kane—in that ear    Antya 17.43
  tara kane—in his ear    Antya 17.43