Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kalpah

  kalpaḥ—millennium    SB 3.11.35, SB 3.11.36
  kalpaḥ—can expect    SB 1.8.51
  kalpaḥ—the specific scripture    SB 2.6.26
  kalpaḥ—the duration of time between creation and annihilation    SB 2.8.12
  kalpaḥ—his one day    SB 2.10.46
  kalpaḥ—the current millennium    SB 3.11.37
  kalpaḥ—was able    SB 4.13.42
  kalpaḥ—a person who is competent to undergo the austerities of sannyāsa, the renounced order of life, or to prosecute studies in transcendental knowledge    SB 7.13.1
  kalpaḥ—expert    SB 7.13.19
  kalpaḥ—rightly executed    SB 8.5.48
  kalpaḥ—one day of Brahmā    SB 8.13.36
  kalpāḥ—capable of acting    SB 5.25.9
  aṇu-kalpaḥ—like a minute atom    SB 6.16.37
  loka-kalpaḥ—further creation of the three worlds    SB 3.11.23
  purāṇa-kalpaḥ—one who knows how to explain the supplements of the Vedas (the Purāṇas)    SB 3.7.42
  yajña-kalpaḥ—who is ascertained by performance of ritualistic ceremonies    SB 6.8.15

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