Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kalmasa

  kalmasa—of sins    Adi 3.31
  kalmasa—of sinful activities    Adi 3.60
  kalmasa—sin    Adi 3.61
  kalmasa—to sins    Adi 3.62
  kalmasa—contamination    Madhya 15.276

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kalmasa

  jana-kalmasa-apaham—which washes away all the sinful reactions of the people in general    SB 8.18.28
  kali-kalmasa-apaham—diminishing the contamination of the Kali-yuga    SB 8.4.14
  kali-kalmasa-ghnam—which diminish the troubles of this age of Kali    SB 10.1.14
  kalmasa-apaham—that which drives away all kinds of sinful reaction    Madhya 14.13