Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kalam

  kalam—time    Bg 8.23, SB 1.6.26, SB 1.13.14, SB 3.21.35, SB 3.23.45, SB 4.11.22, SB 4.12.14, SB 4.30.39-40, SB 4.31.18, SB 5.2.18 (and more...)
  kalam—eternal time    SB 2.5.21, SB 7.13.6, SB 8.7.26
  kalam—very sweetly    SB 4.6.19-20
  kalam—energies    Adi 5.84
  kalam—elements    Madhya 20.266
  kalam—plenary part    SB 1.5.21
  kalam—even partially    SB 3.7.41
  kalam—Kala    SB 3.24.22-23
  kalam—expansion.    SB 4.15.2
  kalam—part of a plenary expansion    SB 4.15.9-10
  kalam—the eternal time    SB 1.8.28
  kalam—duration of life    SB 3.11.24
  kalam—who is time    SB 3.24.33
  kalam—the time factor    SB 3.26.16
  kalam—the time    SB 3.32.9
  kalam—the end of the duration of life in the deer body    SB 5.8.31
  kalam—the time factor, representing the Supreme Lord    SB 8.21.22
  kalam—that favorable time    SB 8.21.24
  kalam—passing away time    SB 9.6.53
  kalam—for a time    SB 9.19.11
  kalam—imminent danger of death    SB 10.1.47

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: kalam

  tri-kalam—three times    SB 5.23.9, SB 5.23.9
  asru-kalam—tears    SB 3.23.50
  anta-kalam—last moments of life    SB 2.7.29
  bhagavat-kalam—the plenary incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 5.15.9
  baspa-kalam—tears    SB 3.22.25
  baspa-kalam—weeping    SB 4.8.16
  ciram kalam—a long time    SB 6.1.67
  jnana-kalam—spiritual knowledge and its different branches    SB 9.7.25-26
  kalam eyivan—became a victim of time and died    SB 9.9.2
  sodasa-kalam—sixteen primary principles    SB 1.3.1
  sodasa-kalam—made of sixteen parts (namely the ten senses, the mind and the five sense objects)    SB 6.1.51
  sa-kalam—along with His expansions    SB 10.13.40
  tam kalam—that time    SB 8.24.39
  yatha-kalam—befitting time and circumstances    SB 4.22.50
  yatha-kalam—according to time (generally a grhastha can find time in the evening or in the afternoon)    SB 7.14.3-4
  yatha-kalam—according to the time    SB 7.14.10
  yatha-kalam—as long as required    SB 9.11.36
  aropana-tulya-kalam—at the same time as the sowing of the seed    Antya 6.264