Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kaile

  kaile—You have made    Madhya 2.67, Madhya 6.210, Madhya 8.280, Madhya 15.275
  kaile—You have done    Madhya 3.83, Madhya 6.234, Antya 5.121
  kaile—You did    Madhya 3.37, Madhya 8.264
  kaile—if doing    Madhya 3.144, Madhya 5.20
  kaile—did    Madhya 6.61, Madhya 6.233
  kaile—if done    Adi 16.86
  kaile—committed    Adi 17.97
  kaile—if one commits    Adi 17.157
  kaile—have made    Madhya 3.99
  kaile—have shown    Madhya 6.192
  kaile—you have executed    Madhya 7.9
  kaile—by executing    Madhya 22.62
  kaile—if done so    Madhya 24.342
  anuvāda kaile—by assessing in that way    Madhya 25.242
  anuvāda kaile—if it is repeated    Antya 20.102
  bhojana kaile—after he has taken his meal    Antya 12.144
  bhāla kaile—you have spoken correctly    Madhya 15.236
  dūra kaile—if they are taken away    Antya 17.18
  guru upekṣā kaile—if one's spiritual master rejects him    Antya 8.99
  kaile nivedana—did you submit my petition    Madhya 11.42
  nā kaile—if not practiced    Adi 3.21
  parīkṣā kaile—after he examined    Madhya 10.112
  prakṛti darśana kaile—if someone sees women with a sensual propensity    Antya 2.165
  sañcaya nā kaile—without saving money    Madhya 15.95
  tumi haṭha kaile—if you go on persisting    Antya 2.140
  tumi kṛpā kaile—if You are merciful    Antya 6.131
  tuṣṭa kaile—you have satisfied    Antya 4.132
  tāre vadha kaile—if he is killed    Madhya 15.261
  udaya kaile—when there is actually awakening of offenseless chanting    Antya 3.185
  ācamana kaile—when he had washed his hands and mouth    Antya 8.14

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