Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jnani

  jnani—one who knows things as they are    Bg 7.16
  jnani—one in full knowledge    Bg 7.17
  jnani—one who is in knowledge    Bg 7.18
  jnani—the philosophical speculators    Madhya 8.259
  jnani—philosophical speculator    Madhya 9.9
  jnani—mental speculator    Madhya 9.276
  jnani—wise man    Madhya 19.147
  jnani—the speculative philosophers    Madhya 22.29
  jnani—one pursuing knowledge    Madhya 24.94
  jnani—pursuing knowledge    Madhya 24.95
  jnani—well versed in transcendental knowledge    Madhya 24.118
  jnani—advanced in knowledge    Madhya 24.121

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: jnani

  aisvarya-jnani-gane—learned scholars knowing the opulence of Krsna.    Madhya 19.229
  bada jnani—very learned scholar    Madhya 18.203
  brahma-jnani—those who are on the platform of Brahman understanding    Madhya 17.137
  brahma-jnani—impersonalist philosopher    Antya 8.27
  koti-jnani-madhye—out of many millions of such wise men    Madhya 19.148
  manah-jnani—very attractive to the mind    SB 10.7.1-2