Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jnah

  jnah—one who knows    SB 1.4.16, SB 3.29.31
  jnah—the supreme knower, Paramatma    SB 4.30.20
  jnah—a knower    Madhya 23.72

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: jnah

  dharma-jnah—one who knows the principles of religion    SB 1.19.40, SB 9.4.38
  sarva-jnah—omniscient    SB 6.8.32-33, Madhya 23.79-81
  a-tat-jnah—most ignorant    SB 7.15.10
  adharma-jnah—because they did not know religious principles    SB 9.18.41
  astra-jnah—expert in military science    SB 1.7.28
  bahu-jnah—persons with varied experience    SB 7.15.21
  bhavanyah sapa-nimitta-jnah—who knows the cause of the curse by Bhavani, the wife of Lord Siva    SB 5.17.15
  citta-jnah—who can understand the hearts    SB 6.4.42
  sruta-jnah—who are expert in Vedic knowledge    Madhya 24.120
  desa-kala-artha-tattva-jnah—very experienced according to time, place and circumstances    SB 10.11.22
  desa-kala-jnah—who was expert in understanding the time and situation    SB 7.2.18-19
  dharma-jnah—one who knows religious principles    SB 1.9.9
  dharma-jnah—the knower of religious principles    SB 4.17.19
  dharma-jnah—Dadhici, who knows the principles of religion    SB 6.9.54
  dharma-jnah—one who is aware of religious principles    SB 7.15.12
  dharma-jnah—fully imbued with knowledge of religious principles    SB 6.1.13-14
  ghrana-jnah—can know desirables by smell    SB 3.10.21
  guna-jnah—one who appreciates good qualities    SB 4.20.26
  guna-jnah—appreciating this good quality of Kali-yuga    Madhya 20.347
  ingita-jnah—expert in psychic study    SB 3.2.9
  karma-tattva-jnah—expert in Vedic ritualistic ceremonies    SB 9.13.20-21
  ksetra-jnah—the knower of the field    SB 3.26.70
  ksetra-jnah—the individual soul    SB 5.11.12
  ksetra-jnah—the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 5.11.13-14
  ksetra-jnah—known as ksetrajna    SB 5.11.13-14
  ksetra-jnah—who knows and is therefore different from the material body    SB 7.7.19-20
  ksetra-jnah—the Supersoul    SB 8.17.11
  ksetra-jnah—the word ksetrajna    Madhya 24.309
  krta-jnah—grateful soul    SB 3.19.36
  krta-jnah—grateful.    SB 4.31.22
  krta-jnah—grateful    Madhya 23.72
  kala-jnah—who knows the progress of time    SB 8.19.8
  laksana-jnah—expert in the art of physiognomy    SB 1.19.28
  mantra-jnah—well aware of all Vedic mantras    SB 9.4.12
  prabhava-jnah—the knower of the glories (Bhisma)    SB 1.9.10
  prabhava-jnah—aware of the prowess    SB 9.16.6
  rasa-jnah—a devotee who can appreciate mellow tastes    SB 3.20.6
  rasa-jnah—who accepts the essence of life    SB 4.31.21
  rasa-jnah—one who is conversant with the science of mellows.    Madhya 8.206
  rasa-jnah—knowers of the mellows or humors.    SB 3.15.48
  tat-jnah—knowing those things    SB 6.4.25
  tat-jnah—those who know the pastimes    SB 3.8.6
  tat-jnah—the expert astronomers    SB 3.11.20
  tattva-jnah—one who knows the truth    SB 4.25.3
  veda-jnah api—even though completely conversant in Vedic knowledge    Madhya 19.74