Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: jna

  sarva-jña—omniscient    Madhya 16.236, Madhya 17.97, Madhya 18.5, Madhya 18.191, Antya 3.150, Antya 7.88, Antya 16.48
  kṣetra-jña-ākhyā—the potency known as kṣetra-jña    Adi 7.119, Madhya 20.112, Madhya 24.308
  kṣetra-jña—kṣetra-jña    Madhya 6.156, Madhya 20.115
  kṣetra-jña-śaktiḥ—the living entities, known as the kṣetra-jña potency    Madhya 6.155, Madhya 20.114
  sarva-jña—who knows everything    Adi 17.103, Antya 4.73
  sarva-jña—the all-knowing astrologer    Adi 17.106, Adi 17.112
  sarva-jña—all-knowing    Adi 17.259, Antya 4.74
  a-tat-jña—without knowledge    SB 10.12.25
  a-tat-jña-jana—by persons not knowing his real position    SB 5.9.9-10
  a-tattva-jña—one who has no knowledge of the Absolute Truth    Antya 5.120
  arasa-jña—those who are without mellows    Madhya 8.258
  bhāva-jñā—knowing his nature    SB 6.18.27-28
  bhāva-jñā—understanding the attitude (of the husband)    SB 9.10.55
  citta-jñā—understanding the mind of her husband    SB 9.3.10
  śāstra-jña—well versed in Vedic scriptures    Madhya 6.96
  dharma-jña—one who is aware of the principles of religion    SB 1.7.46
  dharma-jña—O one who knows the codes of religion    SB 1.17.22
  dharma-jña—O knower of the principles of religion    SB 4.17.18
  dharma-jña—O you, who are quite aware of religious principles    SB 9.9.30
  dharma-jñā—fully conversant with religious principles    SB 7.11.28
  kṣetra-jña—of the Living entity    SB 5.11.7
  kṣetra-jña—the living entities    Madhya 6.154
  kṣetra-jña jīva—the living entity who knows about his body    Madhya 24.307
  kṛta-jña—grateful    Madhya 22.95
  prabhāva-jñā—mother Bhavānī, who perfectly knew the capability of Lord Śiva    SB 8.7.41
  rasa-jña—of the name Rasajña    SB 4.25.49
  rasa-jña—those who enjoy transcendental mellows    Madhya 8.258
  rasa-jña—devotees    Antya 20.156
  sarva-jña—one who knows everything    SB 2.5.8
  sarva-jña—because you know everything    SB 10.1.12
  sarva-jña—a man who knows past, present and future    Adi 17.104
  sarva-jña—knower of everything    Adi 17.105
  sarva-jña—an astrologer    Madhya 20.127
  sarva-jña—the omniscient    Madhya 21.14
  sarva-jña bhagavān—the omniscient Supreme Personality of Godhead.    Antya 13.110
  sarva-jña munira vākya—the words of the omniscient muni (Vyāsadeva)    Madhya 20.353
  sarva-jña prabhu—the omniscient Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Madhya 12.168
  sarva-jña-śiromaṇi—Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu, the best of the omniscient    Antya 1.65
  vicāra-jña—expert in scrutinizing things    Madhya 24.91

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