Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jivera

  jīvera—of the living entity    Adi 1.94, Adi 3.31, Adi 3.60, Adi 5.112, Adi 7.27, Adi 7.116, Madhya 2.24, Madhya 2.25, Madhya 6.136, Madhya 6.169 (and more...)
  jīvera—of the conditioned soul    Madhya 18.194, Madhya 20.122, Madhya 20.123, Madhya 20.353
  jīvera—of the living being    Adi 1.88-89, Adi 2.37, Adi 2.40
  jīvera—of all living entities    Madhya 7.148, Madhya 15.167
  jīvera—of all conditioned souls    Madhya 15.162, Madhya 15.163
  jīvera—of the fallen souls    Adi 5.30
  jīvera—of living entities    Adi 5.45
  jīvera—of an ordinary living being    Antya 1.196
  jīvera—the living entities    Antya 3.86
  brahmāṇḍa-jīvera—of living entities within this universe    Antya 3.83
  jīvera dharma—the situation of the conditioned soul    Madhya 17.132
  jīvera gocara—within the reach of the understanding of ordinary living beings.    Adi 6.6
  jīvera mocana—the deliverance of all living entities.    Antya 3.74
  jīvera mukati—the deliverance of the conditioned souls.    Madhya 15.134
  jīvera sparśana—a living entity can touch.    Antya 18.20
  jīvera svabhāva—the original characteristic of all living entities    Madhya 24.201
  kona jīvera—of some living entity    Madhya 23.9
  sakala jīvera—of all living entities    Madhya 15.163
  sarva jīvera—of all living entities    Adi 2.38
  sarva-jīvera—of all living entities    Madhya 15.162
  vyaṣṭi-jīvera—of all other living entities    Madhya 20.295

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