Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jiva

  jiva—the living entity    SB 3.7.41, Adi 5.45, Madhya 8.237, Madhya 8.252, Madhya 10.168, Madhya 15.276, Madhya 18.115, Madhya 22.10, Madhya 22.24, Madhya 25.104 (and more...)
  jiva—living entity    Adi 13.44, Madhya 8.249, Madhya 10.168, Madhya 17.77, Madhya 20.120, Madhya 20.305, Madhya 20.351, Antya 3.255
  jiva—living being    SB 1.10.22, Adi 2.44, Madhya 19.151, Madhya 25.92, Antya 20.71
  jiva—living entities    SB 2.7.12, SB 9.4.56, Adi 10.42, Madhya 19.25, Madhya 24.186
  jiva—a living entity    Madhya 8.185, Madhya 21.8, Madhya 25.78, Antya 17.65, Antya 18.21
  jiva—the living entities    Adi 6.28, Adi 10.42, Madhya 22.9, Madhya 24.200
  jiva—of the living entities    SB 3.29.34, Adi 2.47, Adi 2.51
  jiva—of the jiva souls    SB 3.31.16, SB 3.33.26
  jiva—a living being    Madhya 18.113, Madhya 25.106
  jiva—we wish you life for    SB 1.18.11
  jiva—may you live long    SB 4.9.46
  jiva—of living entities    SB 5.1.27
  jiva—maintaining life    SB 9.21.13
  jiva—the fallen living entities    Adi 2.22
  jiva—of the name Jiva    Adi 10.85
  jiva—an ordinary living being    Madhya 9.157
  jiva—conditioned soul    Madhya 10.13
  jiva—the conditioned living entities    Madhya 21.53
  jiva—the ordinary living being    Antya 2.99
  jiva—Jiva Gosvami    Antya 11.9

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: jiva

  sri-jiva-carana—the lotus feet of Sri Jiva Gosvami    Adi 17.335-336, Antya 20.96-98, Antya 20.144-146
  jiva hana—being an ordinary living entity    Antya 18.23, Antya 20.80
  jiva jiva iti—O living entity, be alive    SB 9.22.8, SB 9.22.8
  jiva-bhutam—they are the living entities    Adi 7.118, Madhya 20.116
  jiva-gana—living entities.    Madhya 1.267, Madhya 19.138
  jiva-lokasya—of this material world    SB 6.3.4, SB 7.3.31
  saba jiva—all living entities    Antya 3.77, Antya 3.254
  sei jiva—that living entity    Madhya 20.117, Madhya 23.9
  asesa-jiva-nikayanam—of unlimited numbers of living entities    SB 5.24.19
  ajna jiva—the ignorant living entity    Antya 7.119
  ajna jiva—a foolish living being    Antya 7.126
  akhila-jiva-marmani—in every center of her vitality    SB 10.6.11
  ardha-mara jiva—half-killed living beings    Madhya 24.243
  ati-ksudra jiva—a very insignificant living being    Antya 20.90-91
  bahu-jiva—many living entities    Antya 3.67
  brahma-adi jiva—all living entities, beginning from Lord Brahma    Antya 3.251
  cit-kana jiva—a small fragmental living being    Madhya 18.112
  sri-jiva—Srila Jiva Gosvami    Adi 1.36
  sri-jiva—Sri Jiva Gosvami    Adi 9.4
  sri-jiva—of the name Sri Jiva    Antya 1.3-4
  sri-jiva pandita—of the name Sri Jiva Pandita    Adi 11.44
  sri-jiva-gosani—Srila Jiva Gosvami Prabhupada    Madhya 1.42
  sri-jiva-gosani—Sri Jiva Gosvami    Madhya 18.50
  ei jiva—this conditioned living entity    Madhya 16.184
  ei jiva—these living entities    Madhya 24.203
  jiva hana—being a conditioned soul    Madhya 18.224
  jiva lagi—for all living entities    Antya 3.74
  jiva mara—your occupation is to kill animals    Madhya 24.250
  jiva nistarite—to deliver all the fallen souls    Madhya 25.264
  jiva paya vyatha—the living beings suffer too much pain    Madhya 24.249
  jiva-abhimana—conception as a conditioned soul.    Antya 20.31
  jiva-adhama—the lowest of all living beings    Antya 6.128
  jiva-adhame—fallen conditioned souls    Madhya 18.111
  jiva-bhuta-atma-bhute—who is the life and the Supersoul    SB 5.24.19
  jiva-bhutah—the conditioned living entities    Bg 15.7
  jiva-bhutena—possessed by the living entity    SB 3.31.43
  jiva-bhutam—the living entities    Bg 7.5
  jiva-bhutam—existing as the living entities    Madhya 6.165
  jiva-cancale—where everyone is disturbed.    Madhya 24.184
  jiva-sakti—the energy of the living entity    Adi 2.103
  jiva-sakti—the living entities    Madhya 6.160
  jiva-sakti—marginal potency, or living entities    Madhya 8.151
  jiva-sakti—spiritual sparks, living entities    Madhya 20.111
  jiva-sakti—marginal potency    Madhya 20.149
  jiva-sunya—devoid of living entities    Antya 3.77
  jiva-dehe—in the body of such a living entity    Antya 2.13
  jiva-dhanim—the resting place for all living entities    SB 3.13.30
  jiva-gatim—the true nature of the living entity    SB 3.31.47
  jiva-gosani—Jiva Gosvami    Adi 3.80
  jiva-gosani—Srila Jiva Gosvami    Antya 4.227
  jiva-gosani—Sripada Jiva Gosvami    Antya 4.232
  jiva-haranam—killing a living being    SB 2.7.27
  jiva-hetu—for the enlightenment of the conditioned soul    Madhya 6.175
  jiva-himsana—unnecessarily killing animals or the soul    Madhya 19.159
  jiva-jati—species of living entities    Antya 3.78-79
  jiva-kita—a living being who is just like a worm    Adi 6.36
  jiva-kosam—the covering of the spirit soul    SB 4.22.26
  jiva-kosam—encagement of the living entity.    SB 4.23.11
  jiva-kala—the duration of life of all living entities    SB 10.8.37-39
  jiva-loka-bhava-adhva—the path of material existence of the conditioned soul    SB 5.13.26
  jiva-lokam—human society.    SB 1.16.22
  jiva-lokasya—of the conditioned living beings    SB 1.7.24
  jiva-lokasya—of the planets inhabited by the living entities    SB 3.10.9
  jiva-lokasya—for the people in general    SB 3.29.3
  jiva-lokah—the conditioned soul in the material world    SB 4.29.41
  jiva-lokah—the conditioned living entity    SB 5.14.1
  jiva-loke—world of conditional life    Bg 15.7
  jiva-mati—considering an ordinary living being    Madhya 18.117
  jiva-mayam—full of living entities    SB 9.9.23-24
  jiva-matra—of any living entity    Adi 17.156
  jiva-nikaya—resting place of conditioned souls    SB 3.20.16
  jiva-nikayanam—of the hordes of living entities    SB 6.9.42
  jiva-nirmuktah—freed from the subtle body also    SB 4.11.14
  jiva-patim—a husband with a long duration of life    SB 6.19.25
  jiva-raksa-ausadhih—Krsna, who is the medicine that can save one's life    Antya 19.35
  jiva-rathi—the living entity on the chariot.    Madhya 11.37
  jiva-rupa—the living beings    Adi 2.36
  jiva-rupa—the living entities    Adi 5.65
  jiva-rupa—the identity of the living entity    Madhya 6.163
  jiva-rupa—having the form of the sparklike living entities, who are parts and parcels    Madhya 20.273
  jiva-rupa—as the living entity    Madhya 20.369
  jiva-rasibhih—by millions and millions of living entities    SB 7.14.36
  jiva-samjnam—the designation of the spiritual living being who is bound by different results of activity    SB 6.5.11
  jiva-samjnitah—who is also known as the living entity, since the living entities are expansions of His marginal energy.    SB 7.7.49
  jiva-samjnitat—from the jiva soul    SB 3.28.41
  jiva-samjnitat—living entities called by the name jivas    SB 4.24.28
  jiva-sanghan—groups of animals    SB 4.25.7
  jiva-sthanani—the living entityís different conditions of existence    SB 6.16.53-54
  jiva-suta—a woman whose child has a long duration of life    SB 6.19.26-28
  jiva-samyam gatah—when he understands that the position is the same for everyone    SB 10.10.14
  jiva-tattva—the truth of the living entities    Adi 7.117
  jiva-tattva—the living entities    Adi 7.120
  jiva-tattva nahe—still he is not called jiva-tattva    Madhya 20.308
  jiva-uttama—the best of the living entities    Madhya 20.302
  jiva-yonisu—in different species of life    SB 3.9.19
  jiva-yuktam—with all the living entities.    SB 8.20.22
  jiva-atma—living entities    SB 7.14.36
  jiva-atman—O living entity    SB 6.16.2
  jiva-atma—the individual spirit soul    SB 4.29.1a-2a
  jiva-atma—the living entity    SB 8.22.25
  ksetra-jna jiva—the living entity who knows about his body    Madhya 24.307
  ksudra jiva—insignificant living being    Madhya 15.243
  ksudra jiva—an insignificant living entity    Antya 5.26
  ksudra jiva—an ordinary living entity    Antya 5.119
  ksudra jiva—the little conditioned soul    Antya 5.126
  ksudra-jiva—insignificant living entity    Madhya 12.27
  ksudra-jiva—poor living entities    Antya 2.120
  ksudra-jiva hana—being a very insignificant living entity.    Antya 3.270
  raghunatha-jiva—of Raghunatha dasa Gosvami, Raghunatha Bhatta Gosvami and Srila Jiva Gosvami    Madhya 25.281
  sakala-jiva-nikaya—of all the masses of living entities    SB 5.26.40
  sarva-jiva-nikayanam—of all groups of living entities    SB 5.20.46
  sarva-jiva-nivaha—of the total living entities    SB 5.22.9
  sei jiva—such living entities    Antya 3.80
  vigata-jiva-laksanah—bereft of all signs of life    SB 5.14.16
  ami jiva—I am an ordinary living being    Madhya 9.125
  ami jiva—I am an insignificant living being    Madhya 25.91