Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jathara

  jathara—womb    SB 3.16.35
  jathara—of the stomach    SB 3.31.17
  jathara—from the abdomen    SB 3.33.2

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: jathara

  jathara-devakutau—two mountains named Jathara and Devakuta    SB 5.16.27
  jathara-patayoh—between the tight clothing and the abdomen    SB 10.13.11
  jathara-adhamau—born of a condemned womb    SB 3.14.39
  mrtyoh jathara-agni-ghasan—who had all entered like straws into the fire of the abdomen of Aghasura, who was very bold and hungry, like death personified (because the asura had assumed a big body, he must have had a very strong appetite)    SB 10.12.27