Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: janma

  janma—birth    Bg 2.27, Bg 4.4, Bg 4.9, Bg 6.42, Bg 8.15, Bg 13.8-12, Bg 14.20, SB 1.3.29, SB 1.4.9, SB 1.6.1 (and more...)
  janma—creation    SB 2.5.22, SB 2.10.3, SB 3.5.16, SB 3.5.43, SB 5.17.21, SB 7.9.31
  janma—appearance    SB 3.1.44, SB 3.14.4, SB 8.1.2, SB 10.2.36
  janma—the birth    SB 6.18.78, SB 6.19.2-3, SB 10.3.22, SB 10.3.29
  janma—births    Bg 6.45, SB 3.9.15, Adi 8.16
  janma—the creation    SB 6.3.12, SB 10.3.19
  janma—after births    SB 3.24.28
  janma—birth in a very polished, aristocratic family    SB 5.19.7
  janma—good birth    SB 5.26.30
  janma—of births    SB 6.2.7
  janma—aristocratic birth    SB 6.14.12
  janma—aristocracy or nobility    SB 7.4.31-32
  janma—whose birth    SB 7.9.17
  janma—by birth    SB 7.11.13
  janma—the appearance    SB 8.18.6
  janma—by birth in an aristocratic family    SB 8.22.26
  janma—generation    Adi 5.53
  janma—such a birth    Adi 9.41
  janma—of birth    Adi 9.42
  janma—time of birth    Adi 13.22
  janma—of the birth    Adi 17.325
  janma—the whole life    Madhya 14.87
  janma—formed for this reason    SB 8.5.35

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: janma

  janma-adi—creation, maintenance and dissolution    Madhya 8.266, Madhya 20.359, Madhya 25.148
  janma-janma-antare—life after life.    Madhya 24.251, Madhya 24.251
  tat janma—that birth    SB 4.4.22, SB 4.31.9
  ajana janma-rksam—the constellation of stars known as Rohini    SB 10.3.1-5
  ajata-janma-sthiti-samyamaya—unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is never born but whose appearance in different incarnations never ceases    SB 8.6.8
  akhila-janma-sobhanam—the best of all species of life    SB 5.13.21
  bahu-janma—in many births    SB 10.12.12
  bahu-janma—for many births    Antya 16.131
  bhagavat-janma—appearance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 8.13.6
  devaki-janma-vadah—known as the son of Devaki (No one can actually become the father or mother of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore devaki-janma-vada means that He is known as the son of Devaki. Similarly, He is also known as the son of mother Yasoda, Vasudeva or Nanda Maharaja.)    Madhya 13.79
  druma-janma—being born of the tree    SB 2.3.22
  garbha-janma—the deliverance from the womb    SB 10.4.2
  hena janma—such a birth    Adi 13.123
  janma haila—there was birth    Madhya 16.181
  janma haila tara—he was born.    Antya 12.48
  janma haite—from birth    Madhya 24.113
  janma haite—from the very birth    Madhya 24.118
  janma mora—my birth    Antya 11.27
  janma-antare—in his past life.    Antya 16.143
  janma-anusmrtih—remembrance of the incident before his death    SB 5.8.27
  janma-bandha—the bondage of birth and death    Bg 2.51
  janma-bhrtah—promoted in birth    SB 1.18.18
  janma-sata-udbhavam—occurring during the last hundred births    SB 3.31.9
  janma-dina-adi—the appearance day and so on    Madhya 22.126
  janma-data pita—the father who begets the child    Antya 6.40
  janma-karma-phala-pradam—resulting in fruitive action, good birth, etc.    Bg 2.42-43
  janma-karmabhih—with His transcendental birth and activities    SB 6.4.33
  janma-karmabhih—by birth and activities.    SB 8.7.3
  janma-koti—of millions of births    Madhya 8.70
  janma-krt—progenitor    SB 3.13.7
  janma-lila—narration of the birth    Adi 13.124
  janma-lila—pastimes of the birth    Adi 14.3
  janma-lila—the pastimes of birth    Adi 14.4
  janma-mula—the root cause    Madhya 22.83
  janma-sadma—the place of birth.    Adi 5.102
  janma-sadma—the place of generation.    Madhya 20.287
  janma-smrtih—the remembrance of birth    SB 6.1.49
  janma-sthana—the place of birth    Madhya 9.294
  janma-sthana—birth site    Madhya 18.67
  janma-sthana—the birthplace of Lord Krsna    Madhya 18.69
  janma-sthane—at the birthplace    Madhya 3.177
  janma-sthane—at the place of Lord Krsna's birth    Madhya 17.156
  janma-tanu-mana—their births, bodies and minds.    Madhya 21.114
  janma-udaya—at the time of His birth    Adi 13.20
  janma-upacitam—contracted from life after life    Madhya 24.217
  janma-vatam—of the living entities who have taken birth    SB 10.1.38
  janma-rksa—of oneís own janma-naksatra, or birth star    SB 7.14.20-23
  janma-rksa-yoge—at that time, there was also a conjunction of the moon with the auspicious constellation Rohini    SB 10.7.4
  janma-rksam—the auspicious star of Your birth    SB 10.11.18
  janma-adau—creation and destruction    SB 2.10.45
  janma-adinam—such as birth in a high family    SB 8.22.27
  janma-adi—creation, sustenance and destruction    SB 1.1.1
  janma-adi—the creation, maintenance and annihilation    SB 8.1.13
  janma-adika-lila-krame—such pastimes as birth, in order.    Madhya 20.379
  janma-adyah—beginning with birth    SB 7.7.18
  janma-avalih—string of births    SB 5.9.3
  jantu-janma-krt—the father of Jantu.    SB 9.22.1
  koti janma—for ten million births    Adi 17.52
  koti-janma—for ten million births    Adi 17.51
  krsna-janma-yatra—observance of the birth of Lord Krsna    Madhya 15.17
  krsna-janma-yatrate—on the birthday ceremony of Lord Krsna    Madhya 1.146
  lavanya-amrta-janma-sthana—the birthplace of the nectar of beauty    Madhya 2.29
  mora janma—my birth    Antya 4.28
  nr-janma—you who have taken birth as a human being    SB 5.13.21
  prak-janma—of My previous appearances    SB 10.3.44
  punah janma—rebirth    Bg 8.16
  punah-janma—transcendental rebirth.    Madhya 11.139
  paiya manusa janma—anyone who has gotten the form of a human body    Adi 13.123
  smrti-mat janma—a birth enabling one to remember the lotus feet of the Lord    SB 5.19.28
  sthiti-janma-nasam—creation, maintenance and annihilation    SB 8.12.11
  tat-janma—the birthday of the Lord    SB 8.18.5
  tat-janma—until the birth of Him    SB 10.2.23
  a-janma—from childhood    Madhya 9.25
  a-janma—since my birth    Madhya 10.175
  a-janma—from birth    Antya 6.311