Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: janaih

  janaiḥ—by the people in general    SB 4.9.53, SB 4.17.36
  janaiḥ—by the people    SB 4.14.18
  janaiḥ—by people    SB 4.17.32
  janaiḥ—by the mass of people, or all living entities    SB 6.16.46
  janaiḥ—by the general mass of people    SB 8.12.8
  janaiḥ—by people in general    SB 8.14.10
  strī-janaiḥ—with women    SB 10.10.2-3
  vaiṣṇava-janaiḥ—by the devotees    Madhya 13.207

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