Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jam

  jam—born    SB 5.1.41

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: jam

  svabhava-jam—born of his own nature.    Bg 18.42, Bg 18.43, Bg 18.44, Bg 18.44
  atma-jam—his own son    SB 1.7.8, SB 1.18.41, SB 4.16.13, SB 5.8.27
  atma-jam—his son    SB 4.9.37, SB 5.1.22
  atma-jam—a son.    SB 6.14.30, SB 9.1.35
  adharma-jam—produced from irreligious actions    SB 6.2.17
  agra-jam—his elder brother (King Dhrtarastra)    SB 3.20.2
  anga-jam—his son    SB 4.9.42-43
  anga-jam—dirty things or infections of the body    SB 5.18.11
  ajnana-jam—due to ignorance    Bg 10.11
  ajnana-jam—products of ignorance    Bg 14.8
  aruna-murdha-jam—whose hair was the color of copper    SB 10.6.15-17
  bhuta-jam—because of other living entities    SB 7.15.24
  deha-vak-buddhi-jam—performed by the body, words and intelligence    SB 6.1.13-14
  jala jam—a conchshell (which is born in water)    SB 8.15.6
  jala-jam—the conchshell    SB 8.15.23
  jarayu-jam—one born from a womb    SB 5.18.32
  kamsa-jam—because of Kamsa    SB 10.2.6
  karma-jam—because of fruitive activities    Bg 2.51
  karma-jam—caused by activities    SB 6.2.36-37
  kaumara-jam karma—performed during their kaumara age (the age of five years)    SB 10.12.37
  kala-jam—born of time.    SB 6.6.9
  laksmana-agra-jam—the elder brother of Laksmana    SB 5.19.1
  manasi-jam—which is simply a mental concoction (actually there is no happiness)    SB 7.9.45
  moha-jam—born of ignorance    SB 7.2.42
  moha-jam—produced from illusory knowledge    SB 7.7.19-20
  panka-jam—filled with lotus flowers    SB 8.2.14-19
  prasada-jam—satisfactory.    Bg 18.36-37
  prathama-jam—the first-born baby    SB 10.1.57
  priya-sanga-jam—produced from meeting her beloved.    Madhya 14.187
  saha-jam—born simultaneously    Bg 18.48
  sankalpa-jam—the desired result    SB 4.9.27
  sparsa-jam—derived by touch sensation    SB 4.9.9
  sva-bhava-jam—born from ones own modes of nature    SB 7.11.32
  sveda-jam—one born from perspiration    SB 5.18.32
  tat-kala-jam—born at that time    SB 5.23.9
  tvat-anga-jam—produced from your body.    SB 4.4.23
  uta-jam—made of grass    SB 7.12.20
  vipaka-jam—obtained as a result    SB 4.29.54
  yat-anga-jam—the daughter of whom    SB 4.4.30
  atma-jam—produced from himself.    SB 4.15.19
  atma-jam—sufferings due to the body and mind    SB 7.15.24
  atma-jam—as her own son, born of her body.    Madhya 19.204
  atma-jam—her own son, born out of her body.    Antya 7.33
  atma-jam—his own daughter    SB 3.21.27
  atma-jam—the earth    SB 4.23.1-3