Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jale

  jale—in the water.    SB 1.8.2, SB 1.15.25-26, SB 2.10.19, SB 3.7.11, Adi 2.47, Adi 2.48, Madhya 15.172, Madhya 18.9, Antya 18.81, Antya 18.92
  jale—with water    Adi 5.98, Adi 10.161, Madhya 15.21, Antya 14.100
  jale—in water    Madhya 4.38, Madhya 9.187, Madhya 15.73, Antya 18.89
  jale—unto the water    SB 8.16.28, Antya 18.92
  jale—on the water    Adi 5.99, Antya 18.94
  jale—by the water    Madhya 12.105, Antya 18.71
  jale—within the water.    SB 4.25.2
  jale—into the water (a foreign place)    SB 8.2.30
  jale—water    Adi 12.66
  jale—with the water    Madhya 19.152
  jāle—a network.    Adi 5.70
  jāle—in the net    Antya 18.113
  aśru-jale—with tears    Madhya 12.86, Madhya 15.57
  sei jale—with that water    Adi 5.96, Madhya 12.98
  sei jale—by that water    Adi 12.5, Madhya 12.103
  aśru-jale—with the water of tears.    Madhya 2.54
  alpa-jale—in not very deep water    Madhya 18.5
  antaḥ-jale—within the water of devastation    SB 3.9.20
  antaḥ-jale—in the midst of the water    SB 3.15.17
  antaḥ-jale—in the depths of the water    SB 9.6.50
  gaṅgā-jale—in the water of the Ganges    Adi 13.102
  go-maya-jale—with water mixed with cow dung    Antya 3.158
  icchā-jale—by the water of His wish    Adi 11.6
  jale nāmi—getting down into the water    Antya 6.69
  karaṅgera jale—with water from a karaṅga waterpot    Antya 14.97
  kālīya-dahera jale—in the water of Lake Kālīya    Madhya 18.94
  mahā-jāle—network.    Adi 7.37
  mora jāle—in my net    Antya 18.47
  narendrera jale—upon the water of the lake known as Narendra-sarovara    Antya 10.42
  netra-jale—by the tears of His eyes    Antya 6.292
  nāmilena jale—got down in the water    Antya 10.49
  prema-jale—in the ocean of love of Godhead    Adi 7.37
  prema-jale—in tears of love    Antya 10.69
  samudra-jale—in the water of the sea    Antya 11.64
  samudrera jale—in the water of the sea    Antya 18.65
  sarit-jale—in the water of the river.    SB 8.24.14
  sei jale—on that water    Madhya 20.286
  sindhu-jale—into the water of the sea    Antya 18.28
  sveda-jale—by emitting the water of perspiration    Madhya 20.286
  tulasī-jale—by tulasī leaves and Ganges water    Adi 6.34
  viraha-samudra-jale—in the water of the ocean of separation    Madhya 13.142
  yamunā-antaḥ-jale—in the deep water of the River Yamunā    SB 9.6.39-40
  yamunāra jale—in the water of the River Yamunā    Madhya 19.79
  āpanāra jāle—in your net.    Antya 18.65

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