Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jala

  jala—water    SB 2.6.13-16, SB 2.10.37-40, SB 3.8.17, SB 9.21.13, SB 10.8.25, Adi 5.54, Adi 7.28, Adi 10.144, Adi 12.66, Adi 12.69 (and more...)
  jala—the water    Madhya 2.24, Madhya 4.55, Madhya 14.225, Madhya 19.78
  jala—in the water    Adi 2.30, Adi 3.69, Adi 6.23
  jala—water.    Adi 10.68, Madhya 1.158, Madhya 19.81
  jala—of water    Madhya 12.207, Madhya 17.32, Madhya 24.337
  jala—waters    SB 3.23.25
  jala—on water    SB 3.27.1
  jala—or within the water    SB 6.4.19
  jala—with water    SB 8.17.6
  jala—or living entities who can move within the water    Madhya 19.144
  jala—tears    Antya 18.50
  jala—by a network    Bg 16.16
  jala—the net    Antya 18.49

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: jala

  sei jala—that water    Adi 12.7, Madhya 7.122, Madhya 9.83, Madhya 12.123, Madhya 12.126, Madhya 24.275, Antya 16.44
  jala-krida—sporting in the water    Madhya 1.142, Madhya 14.91, Madhya 14.103, Madhya 14.242, Antya 18.118
  jala-keli—sporting in the water    Adi 16.7, Madhya 1.145, Madhya 18.9
  jala-keli—pastimes in the water    Antya 18.32, Antya 18.83, Antya 18.85
  jala-patra—waterpot    Madhya 7.36, Madhya 7.37, Madhya 7.40
  asru-jala—tears from the eyes    Madhya 12.217, Madhya 13.105
  jala ani—bringing water    Madhya 12.101, Madhya 24.275
  jala-sayi—lying in the water    Adi 2.50, Adi 3.70
  jala-keli—water sports    Madhya 14.80, Madhya 14.80
  jala-krida—activities in the water    Antya 10.49, Antya 10.50
  jala-patra—the waterpot    Madhya 7.93, Madhya 17.65
  jala-tulasi—Ganges water and tulasi leaves    Adi 6.94, Antya 3.224
  asru-jala—tears.    Madhya 16.104
  amala-jala-purnanam—full of clear and transparent water    SB 5.24.10
  amala-jala-asayesu—in lakes with clear water    SB 5.17.13
  anna-jala—food and drink    Adi 10.98
  bhakta-pada-jala—the water that washed the feet of a devotee    Antya 16.60
  bahya-jala-dhara—the flow of water from the Causal Ocean outside the universe    SB 5.17.1
  catuh-sindhu-jala—with the water of the four oceans    SB 9.10.48
  sravana-adi jala—the water of sravana, kirtana and so on.    Madhya 19.155
  suddha-ganga-jala—the pure water of the Ganges    Madhya 2.48
  ganga-jala—the water of the Ganges    Adi 3.108
  ganga-jala—Ganges water    Adi 17.116
  ganga-jala—the sweetmeat gangajala    Antya 18.106
  ganga-jala diya—with the water of the Ganges.    Adi 13.70
  ganga-jala-dhara—the flowing of the waters of the Ganges    Adi 16.100
  ghata-jala—one potful of water.    Madhya 12.122
  hema-jala-aksa—from dainty little windows made of networks of gold    SB 8.15.19
  jala bhare—draw water    Madhya 12.107
  jala bhare—draws the water.    Madhya 12.107
  jala bhare—they were drawing water    Madhya 12.111
  jala bhari—being filled with water.    Madhya 15.75
  jala deya—pours water    Madhya 12.101
  jala dila—supplied water    Madhya 3.78
  jala diya—with water    Madhya 14.76
  jala haite—from the water    Antya 18.95
  jala jam—a conchshell (which is born in water)    SB 8.15.6
  jala khele—performs this water sport    Madhya 14.81
  jala nite—for bringing water    Madhya 4.30
  jala pheli—throwing water    Madhya 17.31
  jala ana—bring water    Madhya 12.96
  jala-abhave—for want of water    Adi 12.69
  jala-agni-suryaih—by severe austerities such as keeping oneself in water, in a burning fire or in the scorching sun    SB 5.12.12
  jala-agni-suryaih—by those who worship water, fire or scorching sunshine    Madhya 22.52
  jala-ante—where the water is    SB 8.6.39
  jala-arthi—desiring to drink water    SB 9.18.18
  jala-avagahana—bathing in the water    Antya 18.83
  jala-bhajanam—the waterpot.    SB 8.19.28
  jala-brahma-sama—the Supreme in the form of water.    Madhya 15.135
  jala-brahmera—of Param Brahman manifested in water    Madhya 15.136
  jala-carah—aquatic    SB 8.24.26
  jala-chanti—sprinkling of water    Madhya 12.146
  jala-sunya—without water    Madhya 15.76
  jala-dam—rain cloud    Madhya 10.1
  jala-dasyu-bhaye—because of fearing pirates    Madhya 16.198
  jala-dhara—cloud carrying water    Madhya 21.109
  jala-dharah—the clouds    SB 10.3.7-8
  jala-dhayah—oceans    SB 5.1.33
  jala-dhi—by oceans    SB 4.12.16
  jala-dhim—the ocean    Antya 3.181
  jala-dhara—flow of water.    Madhya 14.12
  jala-dhara—a continuous flow of water.    Antya 11.55
  jala-dhara—showers of water    Antya 18.85
  jala-isa—of the controller of water, Varuna    SB 3.18.1
  jala-isam—the demigod controller of the water.    SB 8.7.26
  jala-isam—the demigod of the water    SB 8.20.25-29
  jala-ja-uttamam—the conchshell, the best of the aquatics    SB 8.4.26
  jala-jam—the conchshell    SB 8.15.23
  jala-jhari—pitchers of water    Madhya 15.220
  jala-kana—with drops of water    Madhya 14.180
  jala-kalmasah—that poison born of the water    SB 8.7.43
  jala-karanga—a waterpot    Antya 16.40
  jala-keli—swimming in the Yamuna    Adi 17.238
  jala-keli—the pastimes on the water    Antya 10.43
  jala-keli—playing in the water    Antya 11.71
  jala-keli—of the pastimes in the water    Antya 18.84
  jala-kelira—of pastimes in the water    Antya 18.24
  jala-khela—sporting in the water.    Madhya 14.102
  jala-krida—the pastimes in the water    Antya 10.47
  jala-krida—pastimes in the water    Antya 18.80
  jala-krida kare—displays His water pastimes    Antya 10.42
  jala-krida-adibhih—such as water sports    SB 5.17.13
  jala-kriyah—oblations by offering water    SB 6.16.16
  jala-kukkuta—water fowl    SB 5.17.13
  jala-kukkutaih—by waterfowl    SB 3.21.42-43
  jala-krtya kare—bathed and was chanting the Gayatri mantra within the water    Madhya 17.31
  jala-kamyaya—desiring to drink water    SB 7.13.29
  jala-lila—pastimes in the water.    Antya 10.41
  jala-lila kari—after finishing the pastimes on the water    Antya 10.52
  jala-manduka-vadye—like the croaking sound of frogs in the water    Madhya 14.77
  jala-nidhi—ocean of water    Adi 5.52
  jala-okasah—the crocodile, whose home is the water.    SB 8.2.30
  jala-okasam—like an aquatic.    SB 8.24.27
  jala-phelapheli—throwing water on each other    Madhya 14.79
  jala-plutam—filled by water.    SB 3.11.9
  jala-pana—drinking of water    Adi 17.70
  jala-pana—drinking water.    Madhya 17.30
  jala-patra lana—carrying a waterpot    Madhya 18.90
  jala-patra-adika—waterpots and other vessels    Madhya 6.66
  jala-patre—waterpots    Madhya 3.56
  jala-rana—fighting in the water    Madhya 14.78
  jala-ruha-ananam—a face exactly like a lotus flower    Adi 6.67
  jala-sannidhane—near the water    Madhya 8.13
  jala-seka kare—sprinkle water    Madhya 17.220
  jala-sthala-khagaih—animals moving on the water, on land and in the sky    SB 8.10.10-12
  jala-sthah—situated on water    SB 3.27.12
  jala-sthena—situated on the water    SB 3.27.12
  jala-tarpanam—the offering of oblations of water    SB 8.24.12
  jala-tulasira sama—equal to water and tulasi    Adi 3.105-106
  jala-tulasira sevaya—by worshiping with water and tulasi    Antya 6.302
  jala-upasparsana—simply by touching the water    SB 5.20.3-4
  jala-yantra—from a syringe    Madhya 13.105
  jala-yuddha—the fight in the water    Antya 18.85
  jala-yanaih—with seagoing vessels    SB 3.14.18
  jala-asaya—ocean    SB 5.1.22
  jala-asaya—in the lake    SB 5.2.4
  jala-asaya-abhyasam—near the water tank    SB 10.11.46
  jala-asayam—reservoir of water    SB 1.18.24-25
  jala-asayam—lakes.    SB 4.6.29
  jala-asayam—to the lakeside    SB 9.18.8
  jala-asaye—with a lake.    SB 4.25.17
  jala-asaye—in the reservoir of water    SB 8.24.23
  jala-asayanam—of reservoirs of water    SB 5.24.10
  jala-adau api—water and other reflecting media    SB 4.22.29
  jala-adi—supplying water, etc.    Madhya 10.129
  jala-aplutah—fully washed    SB 2.1.16
  jala-apluta—taking bath completely    SB 4.23.22
  jala-avilam—muddy    Antya 10.21
  jala kari—carrying a net    Antya 18.44
  jala vahite—while I was working with the net    Antya 18.47
  jala-arka—of sunshine through the holes of a window screen    SB 3.11.5
  kare jala-khela—performed sports in the water.    Madhya 14.75
  kiba jala—either on the water    Madhya 16.203
  krsna-gopi-jala-keli—the water pastimes of Krsna and the gopis    Antya 20.134
  maya-jala chute—gets free from the binding net of maya    Madhya 22.25
  nadi-jala—the water of the rivers    Adi 13.97
  netra-jala—tears from the eyes.    Madhya 13.49
  nadu ganga-jala—a sweetmeat ball as white as Ganges water    Antya 10.25
  narikela-jala—water of the coconut    Madhya 15.75
  pada-jala—water from washing the feet    Antya 16.43
  sei jala—of that water    Madhya 12.102
  seka-jala—sprinkling water    Madhya 19.160
  suvasita jala—scented water    Madhya 4.65
  sveda-jala—water from perspiration    Adi 5.96
  tulasi-jala—tulasi and water    Adi 3.105-106
  yamuna-jala—the water of the Yamuna    Antya 18.90
  yamunara jala—the water of the River Yamuna.    Antya 18.27
  yat-jala—whose water    SB 9.9.12