Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jah

  jah—who is perceived    SB 3.21.33

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: jah

  atma-jah—the son    SB 5.15.1, SB 7.11.3
  atma-jah—the son.    SB 9.8.1, SB 9.22.11
  advi-jah—a man not twice-born by culture.    SB 1.17.5
  agra-jah—elder    SB 4.28.11
  agra-jah—born before you    SB 2.6.13-16
  agra-jah—born prior to you    SB 2.7.41
  anga-jah—born from the body    SB 4.8.38
  anga-jah—assisting hands    SB 2.5.15
  anga-jah—sons    SB 5.9.1-2
  ajana-yoni-jah—the son of Lord Brahma, Daksa.    SB 4.30.48
  aksa-jah—the Lord, who was born from the nostril of Brahma.    SB 3.19.2
  asura-atma-jah—O sons of demons    SB 7.6.19
  asura-atma-jah—O descendants of asuras    SB 7.7.51-52
  avara-jah—the youngest    SB 8.13.6
  caksusa-atma-jah—the sons of Caksusa.    SB 8.5.7
  danu-jah—O sons of demons    SB 7.6.16
  deha-jah—born of his body    SB 3.20.3
  deha-jah—sons.    SB 8.13.30
  dvi-jah—twice-born    SB 7.11.13
  dvi-jah—the twice-born, namely the brahmanas, ksatriyas and vaisyas    SB 7.12.13-14
  dvi-jah—the twice-born (especially the brahmanas)    SB 7.15.1
  dvi-jah—O brahmanas assembled here    SB 8.5.14
  dvija-atma-jah—the son of a brahmana.    SB 1.7.19
  dvija-atma-jah—the sons of the brahmana    Madhya 8.146
  gotra-jah—disciple born in your disciplic succession    SB 9.1.38-39
  hrdaya-jah—the son    SB 5.15.6
  karma-jah—generated by different work.    SB 3.7.31
  krodhavasa-atma-jah—born from Krodhavasa    SB 6.6.28
  laksmana-agra-jah—Lord Sri Ramacandra, the elder brother of Laksmana.    SB 5.19.7
  loma-vila-jah—grown from the hair holes    Adi 5.71
  manah-sarira-jah—born either of your body or of your mind (all the demons and demigods)    SB 8.16.14
  manu-jah—a descendant of Manu (a man)    SB 2.3.23
  manu-jah—a man    SB 5.5.15
  manu-jah—appearing as a human being    SB 9.10.12
  murdha-jah—his hair.    SB 4.14.44
  murdha-jah—the hair on the head.    SB 10.4.3
  padma-jah—Lord Brahma, who was born of a lotus flower    SB 8.16.24
  purva-jah—born previously    SB 3.15.12
  purva-jah—born before    SB 7.1.37
  sankalpa-jah—the son of Sankalpa    SB 6.6.10-11
  sudasa-jah—the son of Sudasa    SB 9.22.43
  sva-deha-jah—born of oneís own body    SB 7.5.37
  sva-purva-jah—their older brothers, who had previously gone there.    SB 6.5.25
  tat-atma-jah ca—and his children like Priyavrata, Uttanapada, Devahuti, etc.    SB 2.7.43-45
  virya-jah—born of the semen.    SB 8.13.33
  videha-jah—because of being born from the body of Maharaja Nimi, who had left his material body    SB 9.13.13
  atma-jah—son    SB 4.28.32
  atma-jah—a son    SB 5.3.17
  atma-jah—sons and grandsons    SB 1.14.27
  atma-jah—your daughters    SB 3.24.15
  atma-jah—sons    SB 6.14.19
  atma-jah—sons.    SB 8.1.19
  atma-jah—the sons    SB 9.22.12-13