Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jaguh

  jaguh—sang    SB 3.33.19, SB 7.8.36, SB 8.18.8
  jaguh—chanted    SB 4.15.7, SB 7.10.68, SB 10.5.5
  jaguh—began to sing    SB 4.1.54-55
  jaguh—sung of the glories    SB 7.4.14
  jaguh—and sang    SB 8.4.2
  jaguh—chanted Vedic mantras    SB 8.8.12
  jaguh—and sang authorized songs prescribed in the Vedas.    SB 8.8.12
  jaguh—began to sing and declare    SB 8.20.20
  jaguh—enunciated.    SB 9.20.37
  jaguh—recited auspicious songs    SB 10.3.6
  jaguh—they chanted    SB 10.11.33
  jaguh—they described    SB 10.12.41

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: jaguh

  tat jaguh—loudly declared the incident.    SB 10.11.53