Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jagatera

  jagatera—of the whole world    Adi 4.248, Adi 13.95, Antya 3.14, Antya 3.236, Antya 17.41
  jagatera—of the material world    Adi 5.58, Adi 5.80, Madhya 20.219
  jagatera—of the universe    Adi 2.45, Adi 3.14
  jagatera—of the cosmic manifestation    Madhya 18.192, Madhya 25.50
  jagatera—of the world    Madhya 21.121, Antya 15.20
  jagatera—of the entire world    Antya 7.117, Antya 7.140
  jagatera—of the people of the world    Adi 1.102
  jagatera—all over the world    Adi 7.26
  jagatera—of all the three worlds    Madhya 9.201
  jagatera—of the three worlds    Madhya 21.141
  tri-jagatera—of the three worlds    Adi 13.98, Antya 9.7, Antya 20.116
  jagatera kartā—the creator of the material world    Adi 5.63
  jagatera madhye—throughout the whole world    Antya 2.105
  jagatera svāmī—the Lord of the material world.    Adi 5.112
  jagatera ārya—the most respectable personality in the world    Adi 6.30
  jagatera ārya—the most advanced devotee within this world.    Antya 4.103
  jaḍa-jagatera—the dull material world    Antya 5.115
  saba jagatera—of all the universes    Madhya 20.282
  sarva jagatera—of all the universes    Adi 4.89

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