Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ithe

  ithe—in this    Adi 2.56, Adi 4.235, Adi 7.70, Adi 7.127, Adi 12.34, Madhya 7.154, Madhya 16.185, Antya 3.266, Antya 7.9, Antya 16.94
  ithe—in this matter    Adi 5.225, Adi 17.305, Madhya 6.88
  ithe—in these    Adi 2.44
  ithe—in this connection    Adi 6.116
  ithe—for this reason    Adi 7.12
  ithe ki kāraṇa—what must be the reason for this    Madhya 9.124
  ithe nāhi āna—there is no question about it.    Antya 7.12
  ithe viśvāsa—faith in all these affairs.    Antya 19.109

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