Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: itara

  itara—other than the householders    SB 3.14.20
  itara—and other    SB 7.8.19-22
  itara—who are insignificant in their identities    SB 8.5.31
  itara—other    Antya 16.119
  itara—anything but bhagavad-bhakti    SB 8.16.21

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: itara

  itara jana—a common man    Antya 8.93
  itara-bhagah—the other end    SB 5.21.13
  itara-itarat—and many other disturbances    SB 3.9.8
  itara-lokera—of common men    Antya 14.82
  itara-maya—inferior mystic potency    SB 10.13.45
  itara-raga-vismaranam—which causes forgetfulness of all other attachment    Antya 16.117
  itara-vat—like an ordinary person    SB 5.3.9
  itara-vat—like others    SB 5.8.27
  kusala-itara—sin    SB 3.30.31
  na itara—not the other    SB 4.8.8
  sura-itara—other than godly persons    SB 2.7.26
  sura-itara—demoniac    SB 3.16.26
  sura-itara-kule—in a family of atheists or demons (who are subordinate to the devotees)    SB 7.9.26