Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: isvare

  īśvare—the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 10.3.19, Adi 5.35, Adi 6.61, Madhya 6.162, Madhya 9.277, Madhya 11.36, Antya 5.123
  īśvare—unto the Supreme Lord    SB 1.10.21, SB 9.11.24, Madhya 2.79, Antya 2.99
  īśvare—unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 15.268, Madhya 22.19, Madhya 22.73, Antya 20.29
  īśvare—the supreme controller    SB 1.5.32, SB 7.4.34
  īśvare—in the supreme controller    SB 6.9.36, SB 7.7.33
  īśvare—dominating.    SB 1.2.21
  īśvare—unto the Lord    SB 1.5.12
  īśvare—the Supreme    SB 7.1.28-29
  īśvare—in the Supreme    SB 7.1.30
  īśvare—to the Lord    SB 7.7.29
  īśvare—unto the Supreme Lord, the controller.    SB 7.7.53
  īśvare—from the Lord    Adi 6.26
  īśvare—in the body of the Lord    Madhya 6.269
  īśvare—in His Lordship    Antya 5.121
  dui ta īśvare—in the two controllers    Antya 5.117
  īśvara-īśvare—the controller of the controllers    SB 4.14.20
  jagat-īśvare—the master of the universe    Adi 13.77
  niḥśreyasa-īśvare—the controller of the supreme perfection of life, or supreme liberation    SB 6.12.22
  viśva-īśvare—the Lord of all worlds    SB 2.2.14
  viśva-īśvare—the master of the entire cosmic manifestation    SB 10.5.13
  viśva-īśvare—in the master of all the planetary systems    SB 10.8.49
  yoga-īśvara-īśvare—the master of all masters of mystic power    Antya 3.84
  yoga-īśvare—the Lord of all mystic powers    SB 1.1.23
  yoga-īśvare—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of all mystic power    Madhya 24.320
  yoga-māyā-īśvare—the Lord of yogamāyā    SB 3.19.17

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