Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: isvaraih

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: isvaraih

  praja-isvaraih—by many demigods, the masters of different regions.    SB 7.4.3
  sura-isvaraih—with the chiefs of all the heavenly planets    SB 4.15.9-10
  sura-isvaraih—by the controllers of the universe like Brahma and Siva    SB 9.24.60
  sura-isvaraih—by the mercy of Lord Visnu or His associates.    SB 10.11.25
  tri-bhuvana-isvaraih—by the demigods, the protectors of the three worlds (who can do whatever they like within this material world)    SB 9.9.45
  yoga-isvaraih—by the masters of yoga    SB 3.16.37
  yoga-isvaraih—with great mystic yogis    SB 3.32.12-15
  yoga-isvaraih—by great saintly persons, yogis    SB 7.15.27
  yoga-isvaraih—by the great mystic yogis    Madhya 1.81
  yoga-isvaraih—by great mystic yogis    Madhya 13.136