Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: isvarah

  éçvaraù—the supreme controller    SB 4.19.3, SB 4.31.9, SB 5.18.26, SB 7.4.22-23, SB 7.7.32, SB 7.8.8, SB 7.8.53, SB 7.10.64, SB 7.15.27, SB 8.6.1 (and more...)
  éçvaraù—the controller    SB 1.7.23, SB 2.1.5, SB 2.5.20, SB 3.29.34, SB 3.32.26, SB 4.29.50, SB 7.6.20-23, SB 8.7.22, SB 10.7.1-2, Adi 2.107 (and more...)
  éçvaraù—the Supreme Lord    Bg 4.6, Bg 18.61, SB 1.1.2, SB 1.10.2, SB 1.13.50, SB 1.15.17, SB 6.4.35-39, SB 6.16.11, SB 8.24.6, Adi 1.91 (and more...)
  éçvaraù—the lord    Bg 16.13-15, SB 3.4.25, SB 3.5.16, SB 3.12.39, SB 3.25.9, Madhya 8.100
  éçvaraù—the Lord.    Bg 15.17, SB 3.2.1, SB 3.5.19, SB 3.6.1, SB 3.20.15
  éçvaraù—controller    SB 3.11.39, SB 4.17.32, SB 8.8.20, SB 10.10.30-31
  éçvaraù—the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB-4.21.39, SB 6.4.34, SB 8.6.17, SB 8.7.8, SB 8.24.2-3
  éçvaraù—the Personality of Godhead    SB 1.10.28, SB 5.20.46, SB 7.1.10, SB 8.6.26
  éçvaraù—the master    SB 4.29.3, SB 4.29.10, SB 5.10.12, SB 8.13.17
  éçvaraù—the Supreme Lord, the resting place of the material cause.    Adi 1.12, Adi 6.4
  éçvaraù—the Supersoul, the controller    SB 10.10.30-31
  éçvaraù—any supreme controller    SB 7.9.29
  éçvaraù—Lord Çiva    SB 7.10.67
  éçvaraù—completely independent of illusion    SB 7.12.10
  éçvaraù—capable    SB 7.12.13-14
  éçvaraù—the King of heaven    SB 8.1.28
  éçvaraù—the Supreme Lord, Parameçvara.    SB 8.12.4
  éçvaraù—although the supreme controller.    SB 9.11.16
  éçvaraù—my husband    SB 9.14.39
  éçvaraù—Lord Éçvara    SB 10.6.22-23
  éçvaraù—the King.    SB 6.7.12
  éçvaraù—able.    Madhya 7.73
  éçvaraù—Lord Kåñëa    Madhya 23.65
  éçvaraù—the complete controller    SB 7.7.49
  éçvaraù—a powerful controller who can do whatever he likes (Närada Muni)    SB 7.7.15
  éçvaraù—able to give charity.    SB 6.10.6
  éçvaraù—very powerful    SB 6.9.6
  éçvaraù—although able to curse Prajäpati Dakña    SB 6.5.44
  éçvaraù—supreme controller    SB 6.5.12
  éçvaraù—the Lord or director    SB 6.4.13
  éçvaraù—the Supreme person    SB 5.20.28
  éçvaraù—the Supreme Lord, the controller    SB 5.4.14
  éçvaraù—governor.    SB 4.25.45
  éçvaraù—capable.    SB 1.15.39
  éçvaraù—the lord of the body    Bg 15.8
  éçvaräù—the masters    SB 4.26.21

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: isvarah

  yavana-éçvaraù—the King of the Yavanas    SB 4.27.27, SB 4.29.22
  akhila-éçvaraù—the Lord of everything    SB 3.1.2
  asura-éçvaraù—the King of the asuras, Prahläda Mahäräja    SB 7.13.46
  bhüta-éçvaraù—the proprietor of all the universe    SB 8.15.1-2
  dhana-éçvaraù—master of the treasury    SB 4.12.1
  draviòa-éçvaraù—the ruler of the Draviòa countries    SB 9.1.2-3
  draviòa-éçvaraù—Satyavrata, the King of Draviòa.    SB 8.24.13
  éçvara-éçvaraù—the Lord of lords    SB 10.1.22
  éçvaraù abhavat—became the emperor    SB 9.23.24
  éçvaraù aham—I am the most powerful person    SB 5.24.16
  gokula-éçvaraù—the master of Gokula (because He is sarva-loka-maheçvara)    SB 10.10.39
  hariù éçvaraù—the supreme controller, the Lord    SB 9.1.22
  jagat-éçvaraù—the supreme controller of the universe    SB 7.8.12
  jagat-éçvaraù—the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    SB 8.7.24
  jagat-éçvaraù—master of the universe    SB 4.1.20
  karma-éçvaraù—the master of all fruitive activities    SB 8.23.15
  kñiti-éçvaraù—ruler of the world.    SB 4.13.19-20
  kñiti-éçvaraù—the emperor of the entire world    SB 9.17.9
  mahä-éçvaraù—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the supreme controller.    SB 8.16.14
  parama-éçvaraù—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the supreme ruler    SB 7.6.20-23
  pradhäna-puruña-éçvaraù—the primeval Lord, the Personality of Godhead    SB 3.9.44
  prajä-éçvaräù—the controllers of all living entities    SB 4.24.73
  sa-éçvaräù—including Lord Çiva    SB 10.4.42
  sa-éçvaräù—with the Supreme Lord    SB 8.7.19
  sa-éçvaräù—with their rulers    SB 7.10.56
  saha-éçvaräù—along with Kåñëa.    SB 10.13.10
  saha-éçvaräù—with their leaders    SB 7.8.6
  sarva-éçvaraù—the controller of everything    SB 6.9.38
  sura-éçvaraù—the king of the demigods    SB 6.9.4
  sura-éçvaraù—the Lord of the demigods, the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 8.6.17
  sura-éçvaraù—Indra, king of the demigods.    SB 8.13.22
  sura-éçvaräù—the demigods    SB 9.18.12-14
  sura-éçvaräù—the chief demigods    SB 4.1.32
  sura-gaëa-éçvaraù—the king of the demigods.    SB 4.1.8
  tri-bhuvana-éçvaraù—the Lord of the universe    SB 9.11.25
  vara-éçvaraù—the Lord of all benediction.    SB 3.9.40
  vibudha-éçvaräù—all the different demigods (such as the sun, the moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter, who are all in charge of various activities for the welfare of the world)    SB 6.4.45
  viçva-éçvaraù—the Lord of the whole universe    SB 6.8.22
  viçva-éçvaraù—the Lord of the universe    SB 3.14.41
  viçva-kåt éçvaraù—it was not difficult for Him, for He is the creator of the whole cosmic manifestation.    SB 10.13.18
  yoga-éçvaraù—Yogeçvara, the master of mystic powers    SB 8.13.32
  yoga-éçvaraù—master of mystic yoga    SB 9.2.32
  yoga-éçvaraù—the master of all mystic power    SB 5.4.3
  yoga-éçvaraù—the master of all mystics    SB 3.4.25
  yoga-éçvaraù—the Lord of all mysticism    SB 1.8.14
  yoga-éçvaräù—the great mystics    SB 4.7.38
  yoga-éçvaräù—the lords of mystic power    SB 1.18.14
  ätma-éçvaraù—the Supersoul giving direction to everyone    SB 8.12.7
  ätma-éçvaraù—the master of the soul, the Supersoul    SB 7.6.2
  ätma-éçvaraù—the Supersoul    SB 4.7.50
  ätma-éçvaraù—the Lord of all living entities    SB 3.33.3