Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ista

  iṣṭa—desirable    Bg 13.8-12, Madhya 12.31
  iṣṭa—all desirable    Bg 3.10
  iṣṭa—activities for public benefit    SB 10.7.32
  iṣṭa—desired    Adi 17.70
  iṣṭa—desirable.    Madhya 3.50
  iṣṭā—performance of Vedic rituals    SB 2.8.21
  iṣṭā—endeavor    SB 3.7.34
  iṣṭā—very dear    SB 4.13.12
  iṣṭa-goṣṭhī—discussions    Madhya 9.322, Antya 4.52, Antya 16.17
  iṣṭa-deva—the worshipable Deity    Antya 2.61, Antya 13.124
  iṣṭa-deva—worshipable Deity    Adi 1.23
  iṣṭa-deva—worshipable Lord    Madhya 8.274
  iṣṭa-deva—my worshipable Lord    Madhya 9.35
  iṣṭa-devera varṇana—description of your worshipable Deity    Antya 1.129
  iṣṭa-goṣṭhī—discussion among friends    Madhya 6.93
  iṣṭa-goṣṭhī—spiritual discussion    Madhya 8.262
  iṣṭa-goṣṭhī—various types of conversation    Madhya 20.41
  iṣṭa-goṣṭhī—talking together    Antya 1.49
  iṣṭa-goṣṭhī—conversation    Antya 1.60
  iṣṭa-goṣṭhī—discussion of spiritual matters    Antya 10.54
  iṣṭa-goṣṭhī kari—discussing many topics    Madhya 9.302
  iṣṭa-goṣṭhī kari—conversing    Madhya 19.247
  iṣṭa-mantra—worshipable mantra    Antya 2.24-25
  iṣṭa-samīhita—achievement of the desired goal of life.    Adi 4.212
  iṣṭa-vara—desired benediction    Adi 14.60
  iṣṭa-veṇubhiḥ—accompanied by the very nice sound of the flute    SB 8.15.21
  kari iṣṭa-goṣṭhī—discussing spiritual subject matter    Madhya 9.177
  yathā-iṣṭa—as much as He wishes    Adi 3.13
  yathā-iṣṭa—as much as desired    Antya 8.73
  yathā-iṣṭa—as desired    Antya 14.26

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