Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: isituh

  īśituḥ—of the living being.    SB 1.8.38
  īśituḥ—for being protected    SB 1.13.41
  īśituḥ—for being controlled by the Supreme Lord.    SB 1.13.42
  īśituḥ—controlling    SB 1.15.34
  īśituḥ—who are the controller    SB 6.9.32
  īśituḥ—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 7.2.39
  īśituḥ—You, the controller of everything    SB 10.2.38
  īśituḥ—of the supreme controller    SB 10.13.15
  jagat-īśituḥ—of Lord Śiva, who controls the power of the material energy and is the husband of Durgādevī    SB 7.10.52

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