Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: isah

  isah—the supreme controller    SB 1.10.24, SB 7.2.39, SB 8.1.15, SB 8.2.33, SB 9.24.56
  isah—the Supreme Lord    SB 3.6.10, SB 6.8.22, SB 8.5.34
  isah—the lord    SB 1.18.5, SB 3.1.43, SB 3.13.17
  isah—the controller    SB 2.5.21, SB 2.6.18, SB 3.12.36
  isah—the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 7.1.11, SB 8.24.48, Madhya 8.206
  isah—controller    SB 3.2.15, SB 6.9.25
  isah—Lord Siva    SB 6.3.14-15, SB 9.9.8
  isah—controller, the Supreme Lord    SB 1.19.14
  isah—competent    SB 4.15.24
  isah—the supreme master.    SB 7.3.29
  isah—the supreme controller (with full power)    SB 8.1.13
  isah—the supreme controller, Lord Isa    SB 10.6.22-23
  isah—Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the Supreme Lord    Madhya 20.97
  isah—all the great personalities    SB 7.10.68

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: isah

  amara-isah—the demigods like Brhaspati    SB 6.3.14-15
  bhuta-isah—the controller of everyone    SB 4.11.26
  bhuta-isah—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of everything    SB 6.15.6
  carana-isah—the leaders of the Caranas    SB 2.6.43-45
  giri-isah—Lord Siva   
  guna-isah—the master of all spiritual qualities    SB 6.8.16
  guna-isah—the master of all three modes of material nature.    SB 9.10.14
  guna-traya-isah—the master of the material modes.    SB 7.8.8
  hrsika-isah—Lord Hrsikesa, the master of all the senses    SB 8.24.39
  indriya-isah—a living entity    SB 4.22.3
  loka-isah—the director named Mitra    SB 3.6.20
  loka-isah visnuh—the demigod Visnu (not the Personality of Godhead)    SB 3.6.22
  loka-isah—the predominating deities of the various planets    SB 8.22.34
  maya-isah—the Lord of all energies    SB 2.8.10
  na isah—incapable of    SB 3.31.26
  sat-guna-isah—master of the six senses.    SB 1.3.36
  para-isah—the Supreme Lord    Madhya 22.144
  praja-isah—the father of the living beings    SB 2.6.43-45
  praja-isah—the prajapatis created by Lord Brahma, who have created generations of living entities    SB 7.8.49
  praja-isah—the Prajapatis    SB 9.10.14
  siddha-isah—the masters of mystic power    SB 6.15.12-15
  siddha-isah—all of them perfect in their knowledge    SB 9.4.57-59
  sura-isah—demigods like Indra    SB 3.11.25
  sura-isah—all the great demigods    SB 6.17.32
  sura-isah—the best of the demigods    SB 10.13.39
  vak-isah—Brahma, lord of the Vedas    SB 3.6.23
  yajna-isah—You are the enjoyer of all sacrifices    SB 8.23.15
  yoga-isah—the master of yoga    SB 6.18.61
  yoga-isah—a master of mystic power    SB 10.6.32
  yoga-isah—the masters of mystic power    SB 4.19.6