Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: indriyanam

  indriyanam—of the senses    Bg 2.8, Bg 2.67, SB 3.26.29, SB 3.28.5, SB 4.31.14
  indriyanam—of all the senses    Bg 10.22, Madhya 22.63
  indriyanam—of the organs of action    SB 3.19.38
  indriyanam—of the senses for perception and action    SB 3.26.23-24
  indriyanam—and of the two kinds of senses (acting and knowledge-gathering)    SB 7.3.29

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: indriyanam

  sarva-indriyanam—of all the senses    SB 3.26.37, Antya 1.99, Antya 1.120
  ajita-indriyanam—of persons who cannot control the senses    SB 7.9.46
  kat-indriyanam—by persons unable to control their senses    SB 8.3.28