Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: indriyah

  indriyah—his senses    SB 3.19.7, SB 3.30.8, SB 3.30.18, SB 9.18.46
  indriyah—senses    Bg 4.39, SB 1.13.54, SB 10.11.53
  indriyah—whose senses    SB 3.18.14, Antya 4.178
  indriyah—senses    SB 3.9.7, SB 5.17.22-23
  indriyah—whose senses.    SB 5.17.20, SB 6.13.1
  indriyah—one who has such senses    SB 2.9.8
  indriyah—of the senses    SB 3.7.23
  indriyah—the power of the senses.    SB 4.9.22
  indriyah—their senses    SB 3.32.17

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: indriyah

  ajita-indriyah—unable to control my senses.    SB 6.18.40
  ajita-indriyah—being unable to control the senses.    SB 7.4.19
  ajita-indriyah—who has not conquered the senses    SB 7.6.9
  ajita-indriyah—because of being unable to control the senses    SB 7.6.15
  akhila-indriyah—all actions of the external senses    SB 10.12.44
  atikutuka-udvrtya-stimita-ekadasa-indriyah—whose eleven senses had all been jolted by great astonishment and then stunned by transcendental bliss    SB 10.13.56
  avahita-indriyah—fixed in mind, without deviation.    SB 8.5.25
  avicala-indriyah—without being disturbed by sense agitation    SB 4.12.14
  bala-indriyah—whose strength and power of the senses    SB 6.17.2-3
  jita-indriyah—having conquered the senses    Bg 5.7
  jita-indriyah—controlled senses    SB 2.1.23
  jita-indriyah—fully controlling the senses and mind    SB 7.4.31-32
  jita-indriyah—having full control over the senses    SB 7.12.6
  jita-indriyah—who have overcome the influence of the senses    SB 1.10.23
  pramusita-indriyah—whose senses were agitated    SB 8.12.27
  sunirvrta-indriyah—being very satisfied with getting the opportunity of sense gratification    SB 5.13.17
  vijita-indriyah—sensually controlled    Bg 6.8
  akula-indriyah—being full of anxiety.    SB 6.1.28-29
  atura-indriyah—who is distressed    SB 4.3.21