Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: indriyah

  indriyaḥ—his senses    SB 3.19.7, SB 3.30.8, SB 3.30.18, SB 9.18.46
  indriyaḥ—senses    Bg 4.39, SB 1.13.54, SB 10.11.53
  indriyaḥ—whose senses    SB 3.18.14, Antya 4.178
  indriyāḥ—senses    SB 3.9.7, SB 5.17.22-23
  indriyāḥ—whose senses.    SB 5.17.20, SB 6.13.1
  indriyaḥ—one who has such senses    SB 2.9.8
  indriyaḥ—of the senses    SB 3.7.23
  indriyaḥ—the power of the senses.    SB 4.9.22
  indriyāḥ—their senses    SB 3.32.17
  ajita-indriyaḥ—unable to control my senses.    SB 6.18.40
  ajita-indriyaḥ—being unable to control the senses.    SB 7.4.19
  ajita-indriyaḥ—who has not conquered the senses    SB 7.6.9
  ajita-indriyaḥ—because of being unable to control the senses    SB 7.6.15
  akhila-indriyaḥ—all actions of the external senses    SB 10.12.44
  atikutuka-udvṛtya-stimita-ekādaśa-indriyaḥ—whose eleven senses had all been jolted by great astonishment and then stunned by transcendental bliss    SB 10.13.56
  avahita-indriyaḥ—fixed in mind, without deviation.    SB 8.5.25
  avicala-indriyaḥ—without being disturbed by sense agitation    SB 4.12.14
  bala-indriyaḥ—whose strength and power of the senses    SB 6.17.2-3
  jita-indriyaḥ—having conquered the senses    Bg 5.7
  jita-indriyaḥ—controlled senses    SB 2.1.23
  jita-indriyaḥ—fully controlling the senses and mind    SB 7.4.31-32
  jita-indriyaḥ—having full control over the senses    SB 7.12.6
  jita-indriyāḥ—who have overcome the influence of the senses    SB 1.10.23
  pramuṣita-indriyaḥ—whose senses were agitated    SB 8.12.27
  sunirvṛta-indriyaḥ—being very satisfied with getting the opportunity of sense gratification    SB 5.13.17
  vijita-indriyaḥ—sensually controlled    Bg 6.8
  ākula-indriyaḥ—being full of anxiety.    SB 6.1.28-29
  ātura-indriyaḥ—who is distressed    SB 4.3.21

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