Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: indrena

  indreṇa—by Indra    SB 4.19.31, SB 6.18.19, SB 6.18.20
  indreṇa—by the heavenly King, Indra    SB 5.23.1
  indreṇa—Indra    SB 6.18.66-67
  indreṇa—with King Indra    SB 8.10.28
  indreṇa—by King Indra    SB 8.15.3
  asura-indreṇa—by the best of the demons, Vṛtrāsura    SB 6.12.31
  indreṇa sahitān—with Indra    SB 6.18.68
  kim indreṇa—what is the fear from Indra    SB 10.4.36
  mahā-indreṇa—by King Indra    SB 6.13.19-20
  mṛga-indreṇa—by the lion    SB 4.18.23-24

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