Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: indram

  indram—King Indra    SB 4.24.5, SB 8.11.20, SB 8.11.29
  indram—Indra    SB 1.15.8, SB 6.13.4
  indram—the King of heaven    SB 2.3.2-7
  indram—the Lord    SB 3.8.29
  indram—Indra, King of heaven    SB 4.18.15
  indram—Indra, the heavenly King    SB 6.10.1
  indram—Lord Indra    SB 6.12.4
  indram—to Indra    SB 6.18.69
  indram—unto King Indra    SB 9.10.48
  indram—to Indra, King of heaven    Madhya 15.170
  aṇḍa-ja-indram—Garuḍa, the king of all the birds, who are born from eggs    SB 8.10.57
  asura-indram—unto the King of the demons, Bali Mahārāja    SB 8.20.19
  bhogī-indram—the King of the Nāgas    Antya 1.164
  daitya-indram—the king of the atheists    SB 1.3.18
  daitya-indram—the king of the demons    SB 2.7.14
  daitya-indram—unto Hiraṇyakaśipu, the King of the Daityas    SB 7.5.19
  gaja-indram—the king of elephants    SB 3.19.35
  mahā-indram—the great heavenly King Indra    SB 4.19.15
  mahā-indram—unto King Indra    SB 6.13.6
  mahā-indram—the King of heaven    SB 8.10.41
  mṛga-indram—a lion    SB 9.20.18
  nara-indram—unto the King, best of humankind    SB 1.18.41
  nāga-indram—unto the King of the serpents, Vāsuki    SB 8.7.11
  sura-indram—the King of heaven, Indra    SB 6.12.1
  uśīnara-indram—the master of the state of Uśīnara    SB 7.2.29-31
  vṛṣa-indram—on the bull    SB 4.4.5
  vāraṇa-indram—elephants on the auspicious mission    SB 1.11.18

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